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Ethereum Cookbook

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  • Efficiently write smart contracts in Ethereum
  • Build scalable distributed applications and deploy them
  • Use tools and frameworks to develop, deploy, and test your application
  • Use block explorers such as Etherscan to find a specific transaction
  • Create your own tokens, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and games
  • Understand various security flaws in smart contracts in order to avoid them

Ethereum and Blockchain will change the way software is built for business transactions. Most industries have been looking to leverage these new technologies to gain efficiencies and create new business models and opportunities.

The Ethereum Cookbook covers various solutions such as setting up Ethereum, writing smart contracts, and creating tokens, among others. You’ll learn about the security vulnerabilities, along with other protocols of Ethereum.

Once you have understood the basics, you’ll move on to exploring various design decisions and tips to make your application scalable and secure. In addition to this, you’ll work with various Ethereum packages such as Truffle, Web3, and Ganache.

By the end of this book, you’ll have comprehensively grasped the Ethereum principles and ecosystem.

  • Build end-to-end decentralized Ethereum apps using Truffle, Web3, and Solidity
  • Explore various solution-based recipes to build smart contracts and foolproof decentralized applications
  • Develop decentralized marketplaces from scratch, build wallets, and manage transactions
Page Count 404
Course Length 12 hours 7 minutes
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2018


Manoj P R

Manoj P R is a tech-savvy person who has been working with distributed ledger technology for more than three years. His passion for the latest technology trends in the market has made him an avid learner and contributor in this space. He specializes in Ethereum, JavaScript, and Go. A self-taught programmer, Manoj started his programming career as a freelancer during his early academic life. He has developed many scalable enterprise blockchain solutions for various clients across the globe. He is currently associated with Conduent Labs as a Blockchain SME. He loves solving real-life problems using technology and is a lively contributor towards open source projects. Apart from work, Manoj likes traveling and writing.