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  • Set up your Spring tool suite IDE to get the best support possible for Spring Integration
  • Discover how messages can be consumed from external sources
  • Understand the different ways in which a message can be processed once it is inside the system
  • Transform messages from one format to another
  • Orchestrate message flow across endpoints
  • Use Spring Integration components to connect to external systems such as databases, FTP servers, social networking sites, and process batch jobs
  • Test and scale up your Spring Integration application to monitor and manage its performance

This book begins with an introduction to the enterprise integration landscape, the challenges, the approaches that have been tried, and how Spring Integration can help address these issues. You will learn how to deal with enterprise integration challenges such as the heterogeneous communication format, data transfer, transformation, external system invocation, security or transaction propagation, and more. You will also see how each of these layers can be addressed by a specific set of Spring Integration components.

You will explore each Spring Integration component in the context of the enterprise integration problem that it tries to address by covering the theory, writing code snippets, and doing real integration.

By the end, you will not only be able to identify and design enterprise communication, but you will also be able to code it using Spring Integration.

  • Tackle the challenges of enterprise integration and experience how Spring integration can transform these challenges into solutions
  • Develop the skills necessary to apply integration patterns for heterogeneous enterprise endpoint communication and select the best and most suited Spring components
  • Reuse working code snippets that can be handy for integration scenarios such as Twitter, e-mail, FTP, databases, and many others
Page Count 198
Course Length 5 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781783989164
Date Of Publication 20 Feb 2015


Chandan Pandey

Chandan Pandey is an Oracle Certified Enterprise architect with more than 10 years of experience in designing, coding, and delivering enterprise applications using various tools and technologies. He has always been amused by the power of software that reduces the boredom of repetitive tasks and introduces agility and efficiency. He firmly believes that tools, technology, and methodology are a medium to provide a solution and would like to be positioned as a solutions expert rather than limiting his identity to a framework or tool. This is reflected in the breadth and depth of his work; he is proficient not only in traditional languages and frameworks such as Java/JEE and Spring, but also in Groovy and Grails, Vaadin, and Play Framework, to name a few. His domain experience varies from blogging applications, web frameworks, content management systems, and finance, to networking & telecom. For him, the end result should be extendable, scalable, secure, and easy-to-use systems!

He believes in community ecosystems and tries to share his learning with larger audiences. He writes regularly at, and this book is a step forward to connect with the community.

When he is not working or writing, he likes to go on road trips with his family to explore new avenues—be it spiritual, historical, or just a leisure tour! India being his home country, he is never short of surprises and variety!