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SOA Made Simple

Lonneke Dikmans , Ronald van Luttikhuizen

Discover the true meaning behind the buzzword that is 'Service Oriented Architecture' book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849684163
Paperback292 pages

About This Book

  • Get to grips with clear definitions of ‘Service’ and ‘Architecture’ to understand the full SOA picture
  • Read about SOA in simple terms from Oracle ACE Directors for SOA and Middleware in this book and e-book
  • A concise, no-nonsense guide to demystifying Service Oriented Architecture

Who This Book Is For

If you are an architect who wants to be completely clear in your understanding of what SOA is, then this book is essential. In fact, anyone (designer, developer, administrator or team lead) who is implementing or about to implement an architecture in an IT environment should not miss out on “SOA Made Simple”.

Some previous experience with general software architecture is required, but this guide will tell you everything you need to know about SOA in a clear and easy fashion.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding the Problem
The importance of information
Architecture as a tool
Chapter 2: The Solution
What is a service?
Drivers for services
Putting it together – what is SOA?
Chapter 3: Service Identification and Design
Service identification
Service design
Example – good or bad service?
Service definition revisited
Chapter 4: Classification of Services
Service classification revisited
Elementary services
Composite services
Process services
Isolation and composition – a contradiction?
Passing information from smaller to larger services
Chapter 5: The SOA Platform
Service composition
Business rules
User interface
Service registry and service repository
Design tooling
Development tooling
Example – Order-to-cash revisited
Chapter 6: Solution Architectures
Comprehensive suite or best of breed
Chapter 7: Creating a Roadmap, How to Spend Your Money and When?
Organize the SOA effort
Business case – benefits for different stakeholders
Maturity and stages
Chapter 8: Life Cycle Management
Service stages
Versioning of services
Chapter 9: Pick your Battles
Architecture process
Development process
Change management
Chapter 10: Methodologies and SOA
Demand management
Project management
Software development
Application management
IT service and operations management

What You Will Learn

  • Start logically by understanding the misalignment of IT and Business and the problems it causes
  • Gradually learn about the solution to this misalignment with SOA concepts such as service, solution architecture, and more
  • Put together clear definitions of ‘Service’ and ‘Architecture’ to understand the full SOA picture
  • Fully understand how to distinguish between both well and badly designed services and pinpoint the reasons for each
  • Get to grips with the different service layers, guidelines and principles of service design
  • Learn about the building blocks of SOA, like BPM and Enterprise Service Bus
  • Dive into the realization and maintenance of your SOA once the concept is clear
  • Think about SOA in historic perspective: the evolution from EAI, CBD, OO and so on
  • Understand how to pick your battles once you finally get started with SOA to make it a successful effort in your own organization!

In Detail

SOA is an industry term which is often preached like a religion rather than taught like a technology, and over time, grasping the concept has become unnecessarily difficult. Many companies proclaim that they don’t know where to begin with SOA, while others have begun their SOA effort but haven’t reaped the benefits they were convinced it would bring. “SOA Made Simple” unveils the true meaning of Service Oriented Architecture and how to make it successful so that you can confidently explain SOA to anyone!

“SOA Made Simple” explains exactly what SOA is in simple terminology and by using real-life examples. Once a simple definition is clear in your mind, you’ll be guided through what SOA solves, when and why you should use it, and how to set up, design and categorize your SOA landscape. With this book in hand you’ll learn to keep your SOA strategy successful as you expand on it.

“SOA Made Simple” demystifies SOA, simply. It is not difficult to grasp, but for various reasons SOA is often made unnecessarily complex. Service-orientation is already a very natural way of thinking for business stakeholders that want to realize and sell services to potential clients, and this book helps you to realize that concept both in theory and practice.

You’ll begin with a clear and simple explanation of what SOA is and why we need it. You’ll then be presented with plain facts about the key ingredients of a service, and along the way learn about service design, layering and categorizing, some major SOA platform offerings as well as governance and successful implementation.

After reading “SOA Made Simple” you will have a clear understanding of what SOA is so you can implement and govern SOA in your own organization.


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