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Salesforce Process Builder Quick Start Guide

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  • Develop an application using point and click with the help of Process Builder
  • Bypass Processes for specific users
  • Understand the concepts of reusable processes
  • Handle complex business processes using Process Builder and keep them clean
  • Work with formulae in Process Builder to minimize the code required
  • Create a process with no criteria so as to minimize the amount of rework
  • Overcome Salesforce's known limitation in terms of referencing picklist values

Salesforce Management System is an information system used in CRM to automate business processes, such as sales and marketing. Process Builder is a visual tool created to automate business processes in Salesforce. It enables users with no coding expertise to build complex Salesforce workflows.

The book starts with an introduction to Process Builder, focussing on the building blocks of creating Processes. Then you will learn about different applications of Process Builder for developing streamlined solutions. You will learn how to easily automate business processes and tackle complex business scenarios using Processes. The book explains the workings of the Process Builder so that you can create reusable processes. It also explains how you can migrate existing Workflow Rules to Process Builder.

By the end of the book, you will have a clear understanding of how to use Flows and Process Builder to optimize code usage.

  • Create and maintain complex business processes using Process builder
  • Discover how to debug and deploy Flow and Process Builder
  • Use new or existing Flows to work with Salesforce Lightning Experience
Page Count 170
Course Length 5 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781789344318
Date Of Publication 23 Jul 2018
An overview of process management
Hands on 1 – using Workbench to get the details of a process
Hands on 2 – using custom labels in Process Builder
Hands on 3 – using a quick action to add a record to a Chatter group
Hands on 4 – calling an Apex class from Process Builder
Hands on 5 – bypass processes using custom permissions
Hands on 6 - Defining additional conditions when updating records
Hands on 7 – scheduling multiple groups of actions
Hands on 8 – executing multiple criteria of a process
Hands on 9 – creating reusable processes using an invocable process
Hands on 10 – using custom metadata types in a Flow
A few points to remember


Rakesh Gupta

Rakesh Gupta is best known as an automation champion in the Salesforce ecosystem. He has written over 150 articles on Visual Workflow and Process Builder to show how someone can use Visual Workflow and Process Builder to minimize code usage. He is one of the Visual Workflow and Process Builder experts in the industry. He has trained more than 700 individual professionals around the globe and conducted corporate training. Currently, Rakesh is working as a Salesforce solution architect consultant.