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  • Understand basic concepts such as AJAX processing and partial view submit so that you can work with PrimeFaces
  • Go beyond the basics and discover more interesting features of PrimeFaces: PrimeFaces selectors, RequestContext, Dialog Framework, and more
  • Delve deep into over 100 rich UI components with all the required details
  • Get practical solutions to complex problems that arise in a JSF ecosystem
  • Use best practices, avoid pitfalls, and get performance tips when working with the component suite

PrimeFaces is the most popular component library used in the JSF ecosystem. It is a lightweight library with one JAR, zero configuration, and no required dependencies.

This book covers over 100 effective recipes for PrimeFaces 5.2, which is a leading component suite to boost JSF-based applications. The book starts with an introduction to PrimeFaces and its concepts, such as AJAX processing, the selector mechanism, partial view submit, and i18n support. Later chapters then focus on theming and the usage of over 100 input and output components, such as tables, charts, menus, and so on.

This cookbook provides a solid foundation by covering all the knowledge needed to work with PrimeFaces components in the real world.

  • The updated second edition of the first PrimeFaces book ever released is brought to you straight from the horse’s mouth, and focuses on practical implementations of the framework rather than theoretical ones
  • With this book, you will get everything you need to know about PrimeFaces first-hand and will learn how to easily integrate and use PrimeFaces successfully with your JSF projects
  • This book is written in a clear, comprehensible style and addresses a wide audience who set their scope on Java EE development
Page Count 412
Course Length 12 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781784393427
Date Of Publication 27 May 2015


Mert Çalışkan

Mert Çalışkan is a Coder living in Ankara, Turkey. He has over 10 years' expertise in software development in the architectural design of enterprise Java applications. He is an open-source advocate for software projects such as PrimeFaces, and has also been committer to, and founder of, various others. Currently, he also works as a consultant for Payara Application Server. He is a co-author of PrimeFaces Cookbook by Packt Publishing and co-author of Beginning Spring by Wiley Publications. He is an occasional author for Oracle Java Magazine. He is the founder of AnkaraJUG, which is the most active JUG in Turkey. In 2014, he was recognized as a Java Champion for his achievements. He is a part-time lecturer at Hacettepe University on Enterprise Web Application Architectures and Web Services. He shares his knowledge at national and international conferences such as JavaOne 2016, JDays 2015, JavaOne 2013, JDC2010, and JSFDays'08. You can reach Mert via his twitter handle: @mertcal.

Oleg Varaksin

Oleg Varaksin is a senior software engineer living in the Black Forest, Germany. He is a graduate computer scientist who studied informatics at Russian and German universities. His main occupation and "daily bread" in the last few years has consisted of building various Java-and JavaScript-based web applications based on JSF, PrimeFaces, Spring, REST, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, and HTML5. Currently, he is working at Swiss Federal Railways on a new ticket webshop.

Oleg is an experienced and passionate web developer and has been working with the Prime UI libraries from the beginning. He is also a well-known member of the PrimeFaces community, creator of the PrimeFaces Extensions project, and the author of the PrimeFaces Cookbook. Oleg loves JavaScript, new ECMAScript standards, TypeScript, Angular, PrimeNG, RxJS, and Redux architecture. He has a deep understanding of web usability and accessibility.

Oleg normally shares the knowledge he has acquired on his blog. His Twitter handle is @OlegVaraksin.