Preventing Ransomware

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  • Understand malware types and malware techniques with examples
  • Obtain a quick malware analysis
  • Understand ransomware techniques, their distribution, and their payment mechanism
  • Case studies of famous ransomware attacks
  • Discover detection technologies for complex malware and ransomware
  • Configure security software to protect against ransomware
  • Handle ransomware infections

Ransomware has turned out to be the most aggressive malware and has affected numerous organizations in the recent past. The current need is to have a defensive mechanism in place for workstations and servers under one organization.

This book starts by explaining the basics of malware, specifically ransomware. The book provides some quick tips on malware analysis and how you can identify different kinds of malware. We will also take a look at different types of ransomware, and how it reaches your system, spreads in your organization, and hijacks your computer. We will then move on to how the ransom is paid and the negative effects of doing so. You will learn how to respond quickly to ransomware attacks and how to protect yourself. The book gives a brief overview of the internals of security software and Windows features that can be helpful in ransomware prevention for administrators. You will also look at practical use cases in each stage of the ransomware phenomenon. The book talks in detail about the latest ransomware attacks involving WannaCry, Petya, and BadRabbit.

By the end of this book, you will have end-to-end knowledge of the trending malware in the tech industry at present.

  • A complete guide to how ransomware works
  • Build a security mechanism to prevent digital extortion.
  • A practical approach to knowing about, and responding to, ransomware.
Page Count 266
Course Length 7 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781788620604
Date Of Publication 23 Mar 2018


Abhijit Mohanta

Abhijit Mohanta has a decade of experience in cybersecurity. He works as a security Researcher at Juniper Networks. He has worked with Cyphort (now part of Juniper), McAfee, and Symantec as a security researcher. His expertise includes reverse-engineering, automation, malware analysis, Microsoft Windows programming, and machine learning. He has worked on antivirus, sandboxes, and intrusion prevention systems. He has also authored a number of blogs about malware and has a couple of patents pending related to malware detection.

Mounir Hahad

Mounir Hahad head of threat research at Juniper Networks, is a cybersecurity expert focused on malware research, detection techniques, and threat intelligence. Prior to joining Juniper, he was the head of threat research at Cyphort, a company focused on advanced threat detection and security analytics. He has also held various leadership positions at Cisco and IronPort working on VPN, UTM, email, and web security. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Rennes in France.

Kumaraguru Velmurugan

Kumaraguru Velmurugan has 10+ years' experience in malware analysis and remedial measures. He has been associated with different antivirus and sandbox products in his career. He is a passionate reverse-engineer, interested in assembly programming and automation in the cyber security domain. He has authored (and assisted technically in) blogs on interesting key features employed by malware and owns a patent on malware remedial measures.