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Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g R2: Getting Started 2011

Bob Griesemer

Extract, Transform, and Load data to build a dynamic, operational data warehouse with Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g R2 with this book and eBook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849683449
Paperback424 pages

About This Book

  • Build a working data warehouse from scratch with Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Cover techniques in Extracting, Transforming, and Loading data into your data warehouse
  • Use a multi-dimensional design with an underlying relational star schema
  • This second edition covers great new features of 11gR2 such as the new user interface and a whole new chapter on code templates that implement knowledge module functionality from Oracle Data Integrator

Who This Book Is For

This book is a good starting point for database engineers, administrators, and architects who are responsible for data warehouse projects and need to design them and load data into them. If you are someone who wants to learn Oracle Warehouse Builder and expand your knowledge of the tool and data warehousing, this is an ideal book for you. No prior data warehouse or database experience is presumed. All new database and data warehouse technical terms and concepts explained in clear easy-to-understand language.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Oracle Warehouse Builder
Introduction to data warehousing
Installation of the database and OWB
Chapter 2: Defining and Importing Source Data Structures
Preliminary analysis
An overview of Warehouse Builder Design Center
Importing/defining source database object metadata
Chapter 3: Designing the Target Structure
Data warehouse design
Data warehouse design in OWB
Chapter 4: Creating the Target Structure in OWB
Creating dimensions in OWB
The Product dimension
The Store dimension
Creating a cube in OWB
Using the data object editors
Chapter 5: Extract, Transform, and Load Basics
Mappings and operators in OWB
Chapter 6: ETL: Putting it Together
Designing our staging area
Review of the Mapping Editor
Creating a mapping
Chapter 7: ETL: Transformations and Other Operators
STORE mapping
PRODUCT mapping
SALES cube mapping
Features and benefits of OWB
Chapter 8: Validating, Generating, Deploying, and Executing Objects
Deploying and executing remaining objects
Chapter 9: Extra Features
Metadata change management
Synchronizing objects
Warehouse Builder online resources
Chapter 10: Code Template Mappings
Code templates
Connecting to SQL server using a JDBC database connection
Building a code template mapping

What You Will Learn

  • Configure your Oracle database to communicate with a non-Oracle database using Oracle Heterogeneous Services
  • Build, view, and edit a cube and its dimensions, using Warehouse Builder Wizards and the Data Object Editor
  • Discover the underlying star schema relational structure that Warehouse Builder will build to implement your cube and dimensions
  • Recognize what a staging area is, and build a staging table and mapping to load it from SQL Server database tables
  • Master various operators for use in mappings, for the transformation and flow of data
  • Build and execute mappings to load dimensions and a cube using the Warehouse Builder Mapping Editor and Control Center Manager
  • Detailed explanation of the new interface in 11gR2
  • Implement JDBC connectivity to a remote database and access source data using a code template mapping

In Detail

In today's economy, businesses and IT professionals cannot afford to lag behind the latest technologies. Data warehousing is a critical area to the success of many enterprises, and Oracle Warehouse Builder is a powerful tool for building data warehouses. It comes free with the latest version of the Oracle database.

Written in an accessible, informative, and focused manner, this book will teach you to use Oracle Warehouse Builder to build your data warehouse. Covering warehouse design, the import of source data, the ETL cycle and more, this book will have you up and running in next to no time.

This book will walk you through the complete process of planning, building, and deploying a data warehouse using Oracle Warehouse Builder. By the book's end, you will have built your own data warehouse from scratch.

Starting with the installation of the Oracle Database and Warehouse Builder software, this book then covers the analysis of source data, designing a data warehouse, and extracting, transforming, and loading data from the source system into the data warehouse. You'll follow the whole process with detailed screenshots of key steps along the way that have all been updated for the new Fusion Client Platform interface in 11gR2, alongside numerous tips and hints not covered by the official documentation.

You’ll finish up with a brand new chapter on code templates where you’ll implement a complete mapping using JDBC connectivity and code template mappings.


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