Oracle Modernization Solutions

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  • Gain an understanding of  different approaches to modernization of legacy systems
  • Determine your short and long term modernization strategies and know how to look for the right business and technology drivers in your organization
  • Understand when and why you would choose the modernization options of SOA Integration and Re-architecture
  • Architect an Oracle-based platform for you modernized legacy system
  • Know the best approaches to take to transform your application from a rigid, monolithic system to an agile, adaptable application based on Oracle and SOA
  • Quickly SOA-enable your legacy mainframe application using legacy SOA Integration
  • Use the hands-on SOA Integration example that walks you through the entire development process as a starting point for your own pilot project
  • Use the hands-on Re-architecture example that focuses on forward engineering business rules, presentation tier, and screen navigation from the legacy system into an Oracle platform as a starting point for your own pilot project
  • Learn about Oracle's modernization re-host solution: Oracle Tuxedo
  • Dive into the future of legacy modernization based upon industry trends such as Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP), Grid computing, Cloud computing, etc.

Much has been written about legacy modernization in the past few years.  Most of the books, analysts' reports, and white papers focus on why you should modernize and theorize at a high level regarding the different approaches and possible outcomes. This book provides a detailed guide to how to implement two well known mainframe modernization approaches—SOA Enablement and Re-architecture.

SOA Integration is a non-invasive approach and allows legacy components to be used as part of an SOA infrastructure quickly and without risk and is often the first step in the larger modernization process. Re-architecture focuses on reverse engineering legacy applications to preserve business knowledge then forward them to modern architectures that take advantage of open and extensible standards.

In this book you will learn how to quickly and easily expose a mainframe VSAM data store in an Oracle-based Java EE application. You will also learn how to leverage your mainframe application code to create a new Oracle/Java EE SOA-based application. The book is agnostic in terms of hardware and operating system as most of these have proven to be able to handle the reliability, scalability, and performance of a mainframe system.

After reading this book, you will feel much more comfortable that mainframe modernization is possible and can made less risky by following the recommendations and approaches used in the book.

  • Complete, practical guide to legacy modernization using SOA Integration and Re-architecture
  • Understand when and why to choose the non-invasive SOA Integration approach to reuse and integrate legacy components quickly and safely
  • Understand when and why to choose Re-architecture to reverse engineer legacy components and preserve business knowledge in a modern open and extensible architecture
  • Modernize to a process-driven SOA architecture based on Java EE, Oracle Database, and Fusion Middleware
  • Covers real-life scenarios with detailed hands-on examples
Page Count 432
Course Length 12 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781847194640
Date Of Publication 18 Sep 2008


Jason Williamson

Jason Williamson has over 17 years of experience in technology and business execution, from software development, product marketing, and management, to entrepreneurial enterprises. During his tenure with Oracle, he has been responsible for helping to develop and implement Oracle's strategy around legacy and business systems transformation.

As an expert in modernization, Jason has worked with key Oracle customers around the world particularly in Financial Services, the Public Sector, and Healthcare to build and implement strategic transformation projects, which have lead to significant increase in revenue or cost reduction for Oracle's clients. Jason's responsibilities have also included helping to execute the modernization program within EMEA and Latin America. He now serves as a special advisor to Oracle's premier customers in the financial services industry.

Prior to joining Oracle, Jason has a diverse background in both technology and business leadership. He also served as founder and CTO for the construction industry's first SaaS/CRM offering. He led BuildLinks from concept to a multi-million dollar company and forged key financial and business partnerships with Sprint/Nextel and Intuit. This venture opened the door for him to establish a non-profit dedication to entrepreneurial and technology education in developing nations, which enabled the establishment of multiple self-sustaining companies in Latin America.

Outside of his entrepreneurial efforts, he has served in key positions within fortune 500 professional service and financial services firms. Jason's background includes experience in Financial Services, Construction, Public Sector, Defense, and Healthcare. He also served his country in the United States Marine Corps. Jason spends his free time with his wife Susan and four children. He serves as a coach for youth sports and is involved in advocacy, fundraising, and speaking for Spina Bifida awareness.

Tom Laszewski

Tom Laszewski is a leader and cloud technologist who has helped ISVs, SIs, start-ups, and mid-market, and global customers modernization IT systems and develop innovative software solutions. He currently leads a team of Enterprise Technologists responsible for the business and IT transformation strategy with key AWS customers pursuing cloud modernization initiatives and digital transformation efforts utilizing cloud native architecture. He enjoys traveling the world with his teenage sons Slade and Logan.