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  • Discover Modeling as a panacea for managing complexity in today's data centers
  • Gain an insight into various monitoring techniques like active and passive monitoring
  • Get to grips with salient management features of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g that every system administrator must know
  • Manage the IT Infrastructure passively through Systems and Groups Targets-based modeling
  • Understand Active monitoring techniques and execute synthetic transactions using Beacons and Service Tests
  • Model business services using different types of Service Targets
  • Define the availability of your business services and infrastructure
  • Perform a measurement of your business services using KPIs
  • Deliver real-time monitoring using dashboards, reports, and widgets
  • Define, monitor, and manage Service-Level Agreements
  • Model complex business services using Aggregate Service Targets
  • Use out-of-the-box system-service models for Oracle products
  • Understand best practices for modeling and monitoring services in your data centers

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control is a release of Oracle Enterprise Manager that is used to model and manage the entire Oracle Grid and beyond. It has capabilities to manage a number of databases and application servers, and can manage multiple instances of Oracle deployment platforms. Business Service Management (BSM) is a methodology for monitoring and measuring Information Technology (IT) services from a business perspective. The Business Service Management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager are available only in the Grid Control flavor.

This book will show you how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g R1 to manage your Information Technology (IT) services and perform Business Service Management (BSM) within your business.

Today's data centers are highly complex and distributed environments that provide a wide range of services. There are often strict Service-Level Agreements to be met in these environments. The 'right model' is a key step in simplifying the complexities involved in monitoring and managing such environments. This book focuses on using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control 11g R1 to perform Business Service Management (BSM) within your business, since the Business Service Management area is one of the key focus areas of CXOs and an integral part of ITIL. The book starts by providing an overview of Business Service Management, detailing out the passive and active monitoring capabilities of OEM before presenting OEM capabilities in IT infrastructure management. It then dives deep into topics such as Modeling Services, Beacons, and Service Tests and Service Target Metrics amongst others.

  • Govern Business Service Management using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11gR1
  • Discover the evolution of enterprise IT infrastructure and the modeling paradigms to manage it
  • Use and apply various techniques in modeling complex data centers using Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Model and define various composite targets such as Groups, Systems,and Services
  • Understand active and passive modeling using Beacons, Service Tests, and System targets
  • Monitor the capabilities of service targets in Oracle Enterprise Manager with a special focus on service levels, dashboards, widgets, and reports
  • Learn the key techniques and best practices of modeling and monitoring data centers using pragmatic examples
Page Count 360
Course Length 10 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781849682169
Date Of Publication 17 May 2011


Ashwin Kumar Karkala

Ashwin Kumar Karkala a Software Development Manager is based out of Bangalore and is part of the Enterprise Manager Product group at Oracle. He has around 12 years of experience in the IT industry and has developed a wide range of enterprise solutions for various industries. At Oracle, he has worked on multiple versions of the Enterprise Manager Grid Control product and is responsible for developing solutions in multiple areas some of which include business services management , middleware diagnostics, cloud management and identity management. His other areas of interest include Service Oriented Architecture and Web 2.0 technologies.

Govinda Raj Sambamurthy

Govinda Raj Sambamurthy is a Principal Member Technical Staff in the content management space in the Oracle Fusion Middleware team at Bangalore and is responsible for building highly available and highly scalable enterprise middleware products. He has around 9 years of experience in the IT industry and has played the role of developer, consultant, and technical lead in developing software for banking & financial, retail, and telecom verticals as well as product development, building enterprise solutions that are deployed in high-availability architectures. He was part of the Service Level Management pack development team in Oracle Enteprise Manager Grid Control 10g and 11gR1. His areas of interest include business services management, middleware diagnostics, service level management, cloud computing, enterprise 2.0 and semantic web.