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Oracle BPM Suite 12c Modeling Patterns

Vivek Acharya

Design and implement highly accurate Business Process Management solutions with Oracle BPM Patterns
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849689021
Paperback454 pages

About This Book

  • Work with multi-instance patterns and advanced flow control patterns so you understand the BPM Process Flow
  • Handle exceptions and develop strategies around fault management in BPM with human interactions, task modeling patterns using Oracle BPM, the fault framework and human workflow
  • Develop a highly efficient Case Management Solution with the help of well explained code samples

Who This Book Is For

This book is an invaluable resource if you are an Enterprise architect, solution architect, developer, process analyst, or application functional and technical consultant who uses Business Process Management and BPMN to model and implement Enterprise IT applications, SaaS, and cloud applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Flow Control Patterns
Sequence flow pattern
Getting ready for executing use cases
Exclusive choice and simple merge pattern
Multichoice and synchronizing merge pattern
The parallel split and synchronization pattern
Conditional parallel split and parallel merge pattern
Multimerge pattern
Discriminator and partial join pattern
Complex synchronization pattern
Chapter 2: Multi-instance and State-based Patterns
Multiple instances with prior design-time knowledge pattern
Multiple instances with prior runtime knowledge pattern
Multiple instances without prior runtime knowledge pattern
Static partial join for multiple instances pattern
Canceling partial join pattern
Dynamic partial join for multiple instances pattern
Structured loop pattern
Arbitrary cycle pattern
Trigger patterns
Implicit termination pattern
Explicit termination pattern
Cancelation patterns
Chapter 3: Invocation Patterns
Web service pattern
One-way invocation pattern
Publish-subscribe pattern – initiating the business process through an event
Multievent instantiation pattern – process instantiation over multiple events
Human task initiator pattern – initiating processes through human tasks
Guaranteed delivery pattern – process instantiation over JMS – Queue/Topic
Understanding multiple start events
Chapter 4: Human Task Patterns
Learning about human tasks
Milestone pattern
Routing pattern
Task assignment pattern
List builder pattern
Parallel routing pattern
Serial routing pattern
Single routing pattern
Notify/FYI pattern
Task aggregation pattern
Dispatching pattern
Escalation pattern
Rule-based reassignment and delegation pattern
Ad hoc routing pattern
Request information feature
Reassignment and delegation pattern
Force completion pattern
Routing rule pattern
Escalation, expiry, and renewal feature
Exclusion feature
Error assignee and reviewers
Content access policy and task actions
Enterprise content management for task documents
Chapter 5: Interaction Patterns
Defining use cases to demonstrate interaction patterns
Conversation pattern
Asynchronous interaction pattern
Synchronous request-response pattern
Subprocess interaction patterns
Embedded subprocess interaction pattern
Event-driven interaction pattern
Chapter 6: Correlation Patterns
Correlation mechanism
Message-based correlation pattern
Cancel instance pattern
Update task pattern
Query pattern
Suspend process pattern
Suspend activity pattern
Cancel activity pattern
Chapter 7: Exception Handling Patterns
Classifying exceptions
Business process state
Reassigned Exception Handling Pattern
Allocated Exception Handling Pattern
Changing the Boundary Catch Event from Interrupting to Non-interrupting
Force-Terminate Exception Handling Pattern
Force-Error Exception Handling Pattern
Force-Complete Exception Handling Pattern
Invoked Exception Handling Pattern
Invoked State Exception Handling Pattern
Continue Execution Exception Handling Pattern
Force-Terminate Execution Exception Handling Pattern
Force-Error Execution Exception Handling Pattern
External Exception Handling Pattern
Process-Level Exception Handling Pattern
System-Level exception handling pattern
External Triggers
Chapter 8: Adaptive Case Management
Defining adaptive case management
Exploring ACM use case scenarios
Case stage
Event pattern
Milestone pattern
Case interaction pattern
Localization feature
Holistic view pattern
Ad hoc feature
Chapter 9: Advanced Patterns
Strategic Alignment Pattern
Capturing the business context
Emulating Process Behavior
The Debugger feature
Round Trip and Business-IT Collaboration

What You Will Learn

  • Examine patterns of flow control, branching, synchronization, multi-instance, structured loop, cancellation and completion, milestone, iteration and termination
  • Blend workflow patterns with human interactions and task modeling using Oracle BPM human workflow
  • Use correlation patterns and discover exception handling strategies in Oracle BPM and the patterns around it
  • Learn patterns of invocation, and witness interaction and integration
  • Use adaptive case management to handle unpredictable, unstructured, ad hoc flows
  • Get to grips with milestone patterns, case interaction, holistic view, and event-based features
  • Use Process Asset Management (PAM) to uncover process and business architecture asset sharing for Business-IT collaboration
  • Learn strategic patterns of alignment and develop models for strategy, Enterprise, and value chain and align them together
  • Explore predictive analysis and KPIs

In Detail

This book gives you an exemplary and comprehensive exposure to Oracle BPM modeling and implementation patterns. During the journey, it will walk you through various BPM patterns based on real-life examples. It offers projects to download with each chapter, which allows you to design, model, and analyze the patterns discussed in each chapter, providing you with an interactive way to learn and implement BPM patterns.

With this title in hand, you will gain practical experience in using Oracle BPM effectively, while using the most useful modeling patterns for your implementations. The book also covers topics that demonstrate different BPM patterns including flow control and advance patterns, invocation and interaction patterns, correlation and integration patterns, human interaction, collaboration patterns, and case management patterns. The book also provides an insight on patterns for strategic alignment, business-IT collaboration, sharing of processes and architecture assets, and infusing business context.


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