Oracle BPM Suite 12c Modeling Patterns

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  • Examine patterns of flow control, branching, synchronization, multi-instance, structured loop, cancellation and completion, milestone, iteration and termination
  • Blend workflow patterns with human interactions and task modeling using Oracle BPM human workflow
  • Use correlation patterns and discover exception handling strategies in Oracle BPM and the patterns around it
  • Learn patterns of invocation, and witness interaction and integration
  • Use adaptive case management to handle unpredictable, unstructured, ad hoc flows
  • Get to grips with milestone patterns, case interaction, holistic view, and event-based features
  • Use Process Asset Management (PAM) to uncover process and business architecture asset sharing for Business-IT collaboration
  • Learn strategic patterns of alignment and develop models for strategy, Enterprise, and value chain and align them together
  • Explore predictive analysis and KPIs

This book gives you an exemplary and comprehensive exposure to Oracle BPM modeling and implementation patterns. During the journey, it will walk you through various BPM patterns based on real-life examples. It offers projects to download with each chapter, which allows you to design, model, and analyze the patterns discussed in each chapter, providing you with an interactive way to learn and implement BPM patterns.

With this title in hand, you will gain practical experience in using Oracle BPM effectively, while using the most useful modeling patterns for your implementations. The book also covers topics that demonstrate different BPM patterns including flow control and advance patterns, invocation and interaction patterns, correlation and integration patterns, human interaction, collaboration patterns, and case management patterns. The book also provides an insight on patterns for strategic alignment, business-IT collaboration, sharing of processes and architecture assets, and infusing business context.

  • Work with multi-instance patterns and advanced flow control patterns so you understand the BPM Process Flow
  • Handle exceptions and develop strategies around fault management in BPM with human interactions, task modeling patterns using Oracle BPM, the fault framework and human workflow
  • Develop a highly efficient Case Management Solution with the help of well explained code samples
Page Count 454
Course Length 13 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781849689021
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2014


Vivek Acharya

Vivek Acharya is an IT professional and has been in the world of design, consulting, and architecture for approximately 12 years. He is a certified expert on blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, Software as a service (SaaS), and analytics. He loves all things associated with the cloud, permissioned decentralized autonomous organization (pDAO), blockchain, predictive analytics, and social business process management (BPM).