OpenNI Cookbook

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  • Retrieve and use depth, vision, and audio from compatible devices
  • Get basic information about the environment
  • Recognize hands, humans, and their skeleton and track their moves
  • Customize frames right from the device itself
  • Identify basic gestures like pushing or swapping
  • Select between devices or use more than one device to read data
  • Recognize pre-defined hand gestures and detect user poses

The release of Microsoft Kinect, then PrimeSense Sensor, and Asus Xtion opened new doors for developers to interact with users, re-design their application’s UI, and make them environment (context) aware. For this purpose, developers need a good framework which provides a complete application programming interface (API), and OpenNI is the first choice in this field. This book introduces the new version of OpenNI.

"OpenNI Cookbook" will show you how to start developing a Natural Interaction UI for your applications or games with high level APIs and at the same time access RAW data from different sensors of different hardware supported by OpenNI using low level APIs. It also deals with expanding OpenNI by writing new modules and expanding applications using different OpenNI compatible middleware, including NITE.

"OpenNI Cookbook" favors practical examples over plain theory, giving you a more hands-on experience to help you learn. OpenNI Cookbook starts with information about installing devices and retrieving RAW data from them, and then shows how to use this data in applications. You will learn how to access a device or how to read data from it and show them using OpenGL, or use middleware (especially NITE) to track and recognize users, hands, and guess the skeleton of a person in front of a device, all through examples.You also learn about more advanced aspects such as how to write a simple module or middleware for OpenNI itself.

"OpenNI Cookbook" shows you how to start and experiment with both NIUI designs and OpenNI itself using examples.

  • Use OpenNI for all your needs from games and application UI to low-level data processing or motion detection
  • Learn more about the Natural Interaction features of OpenNI
  • The book is useful for both beginners and professionals because it covers the most basic to advanced concepts in the OpenNi technology.
  • Full of illustrations, examples, and tips for understanding different aspects of topics, with clear step-by-step instructions to get different parts of OpenNI working for you
Page Count 324
Course Length 9 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781849518468
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2013


Soroush Falahati

Soroush Falahati is a Microsoft MCPD certificated C# developer of Web and Windows applications, now preparing for a new MCSD certification from Microsoft. He started programming at the age of 13 with VB5 and then continued to VB.Net, C#, C++, C for microcontrollers, as well as scripting languages such as PHP and JavaScript. He is currently the owner of an e-commerce company that uses web applications and smart phone apps as primary advantages over other competitors. As a hobby, Soroush supports robotic teams by voluntarily training them on how to program microcontrollers.