Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Cookbook

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  • Upgrade SharePoint 2010 and carry out the common tasks needed after an upgrade
  • Set up and manage several service applications in SharePoint
  • Create an efficient SharePoint farm environment that can also be monitored easily
  • Carry out common tasks that can be done at the site collections level to promote standardization and automation
  • Monitor, report, and correct issues to ensure the optimal performance of your SharePoint environment
  • Manage and customize SharePoint Search to deliver a great search experience
  • Secure your SharePoint farm and audit its working to ensure uninterrupted functioning of your SharePoint implementation
  • Manage your documents and web content effectively with SharePoint
  • Expand your SharePoint implementation to include certain social features similar to social networking sites such as activity feeds and user profiles
  • Set up an effective backup and restore solution for your SharePoint farm

Collaboration and content management are the major business needs of every organization in this increasingly global and connected environment. Microsoft SharePoint is a solution to these needs that offers a software platform that facilitates collaboration and provides content management features for the effective implementation of business processes. With a vast amount of functionality available with SharePoint, it is easy to get confused in carrying out administrative tasks.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Cookbook starts off by demonstrating the various upgrading and post-upgrading tasks to be performed in SharePoint 2010. Next come recipes for managing SharePoint service-level applications and for monitoring the SharePoint environment. The book introduces one of the best new tools that should be in your arsenal, PowerShell, and the commands you will need to script your tasks with Powershell.

Collaboration and content management are the most important features of SharePoint and this book contains many recipes that focus on improving them. Enterprise monitoring and reporting are also covered in detail so that you can ensure that your SharePoint implementation is up and running all the time. You will find recipes to manage and customize SharePoint Search.

When you are half way through the book, you will explore more advanced and interesting topics such as customizing and securing the SharePoint environment. You will learn to extend SharePoint to include features similar to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, the book covers backup and recovery solutions for SharePoint so that you can ensure that your system is protected from data loss and virus attacks.

  • Solutions to the most common problems encountered while administering SharePoint in book and eBook formats
  • Upgrade, configure, secure, and back up your SharePoint applications with ease
  • Packed with many recipes for improving collaboration and content management with SharePoint
  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible
Page Count 288
Course Length 8 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781849681087
Date Of Publication 24 Jan 2011


Peter Serzo

Peter Serzo is an English major from Kent State who started his technical career with EDS out of college. 20 years later, all as a consultant, he is a national speaker regarding to SharePoint having worked at organizations of all sizes. His next challenge is to bring SharePoint to children and teach them. He has been working with SharePoint since 2003 in companies such as Microsoft, Ford, ADP, and many others throughout the United States. He is a Senior SharePoint Architect for High Monkey Consulting. The name refers to an old Jamaican proverb that means the higher up you go, the more responsible you must be; High Monkey takes pride in its accountability and excellence of work in regards to its clients' needs.