Mastering ServiceStack

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  • Design a prudent and resilient API, following the RESTful design
  • Understand the internal processing chain and utilize the provided hooks
  • Incorporate ServiceStack as a full service provider to your existing distributed system
  • Leverage the power of asynchronous processing and add message queues to your architecture
  • Analyze and tune the performance of your service

Mastering ServiceStack covers real-life problems that occur over the lifetime of a distributed system and how to solve them by deeply understanding the tools of ServiceStack. Distributed systems is the enterprise solution that provide flexibility, reliability, scaling, and performance. ServiceStack is an outstanding tool belt to create such a system in a frictionless manner, especially sophisticated designed and fun to use.

The book starts with an introduction covering the essentials, but assumes you are just refreshing, are a very fast learner, or are an expert in building web services. Then, the book explains ServiceStack's data transfer object patterns and teach you how it differs from other methods of building web services with different protocols, such as SOAP and SOA. It also introduces more low-level details such as how to extend the User Auth, message queues and concepts on how the technology works.

By the end of this book, you will understand the concepts, framework, issues, and resolutions related to ServiceStack.

  • Take advantage of the various data providers to access authentication and authorization, sessions, cache, and database
  • Leverage asynchronous processing for decoupling components to ease scaling
  • Monitor and tune the performance of your distributed system
Page Count 216
Course Length 6 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781783986583
Date Of Publication 28 Oct 2015


Andreas Niedermair

Andreas Niedermair is a .NET developer who is rooted in the web fraction (and still affiliated with it). He has worked in numerous enterprise environments building leading industry solutions and has also contributed to the open source community. He is always striving for a deeper understanding of technology to stay on the cutting edge.

He contributed to the ServiceStack 4 Cookbook as a technical reviewer and has held lectures for non-profit associations.

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