Mastering Entity Framework

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  • Find out the benefits of using Entity Framework over plain ADO.NET
  • Discover various approaches of using Entity Framework such as Database First, Model First, and Code First, and also learn how to choose the best approach for a given scenario
  • Explore how to manage Entity relationships, implement Entity inheritance, and perform model validations
  • Understand how to use stored procedures and functions using Entity Framework
  • Familiarize yourself with domain modeling using Entity Framework
  • Become proficient in managing database creation and seeding dummy data in a database
  • Understand LINQ to Entities and Entity SQL to query data using Entity Framework
  • Manage concurrency and transactions using Entity Framework

Data access is an integral part of any software application. Entity Framework provides a model-based system that makes data access effortless for developers by freeing you from writing similar data access code for all of your domain models.

Mastering Entity Framework provides you with a range of options when developing a data-oriented application. You’ll get started by managing the database relationships as Entity relationships and perform domain modeling using Entity Framework. You will then explore how you can reuse data access layer code such as stored procedures and table-valued functions, and perform various typical activities such as validations and error handling. You’ll learn how to retrieve data by querying the Entity Data Model and understand how to use LINQ to Entities and Entity SQL to query the Entity Data Model.

  • Understand everything that requires to effectively start developing and managing data driven applications using Entity Framework.
  • Implement an example-based approach to understand various concepts associated with Entity Framework
  • Save time, learn faster, and gather knowledge that will provide advanced content on developing and managing data-driven applications using the Entity FrameworkData access is an integral part of any software application. Entity Framework provides a comprehensive, model-based system that makes the data access effortless for developers by freeing you from writing similar data access code for all the domain models
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Course Length 9 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781784391003
Date Of Publication 26 Feb 2015


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Currently, he is working with a Danish company called Headfitted Solutions as a technical architect, where he develops applications using ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, scalable REST-based services using WCF and ASP.NET Web API, and Single-Page Applications (SPAs) using Backbone.js. He is currently learning more about software architecture and enterprise architecture.

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