MariaDB High Performance

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  • Set up master/slave classical replications and make them scale easily, even over WAN
  • Create a dual master replication with load balancer and cluster software
  • Shard your data using the Spider engine
  • Grow your write infrastructure by setting up a Galera Cluster
  • Make your Galera Cluster and replication work together to build complex solutions
  • Optimize your engine and identify bottlenecks
  • Compare the Galera and MySQL Cluster
  • Graph your data and tools solution
  • Build a Galera disaster recovery solution

Designing and maintaining a huge amount of data in production is not an easy task. Understanding how solutions work, what kind of differences exist between them, and how to get them working is necessary before designing a solution for production. MariaDB High Performance will help you avoid mistakes, bad designs, and wrong strategic choices.

This book will throw light on important and crucial subjects such as which hardware should be used in which situation and what the bottlenecks generally are. You will get acquainted with the latest addition to the MariaDB family, known as Spider, and you will get to know how data sharding is carried out across several MariaDB servers using Spider.

  • Build multiple slaves and load balance with HA-Proxy
  • Explore MariaDB 10 features like GTID replication or Sharding using Spider
  • This is a step-by-step tutorial guide to help you build high performance applications
Page Count 298
Course Length 8 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781783981601
Date Of Publication 22 Sep 2014


Pierre MAVRO

Pierre MAVRO lives in Joinville-le-Pont (a suburb of Paris). He's an open source software lover and has been working with Linux for more than 10 years now. Today, he works as a Senior DevOps Engineer at Red Hat / eNovance, where he designs and implements solutions for the Web and personal clouds (OpenStack). During the last few years, he has been designing high-availability infrastructures with performance tuning for a high-frequency trading company. He has also built geoclusters and developed tools to fit high-availability requirements for financial companies. He has worked on resolving issues on open source software for the French government. He has also provided training to several IT professionals on subjects such as Linux and MySQL/MariaDB.