LiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook

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  • Build human-computer interfaces that result in immersive app experiences
  • Set up and configure your development environment for iOS and Android OS
  • Use loops and timers to make your mobile apps more robust
  • Manipulate and manage text to supercharge your apps
  • Integrate social media into your mobile applications
  • Read, write, and edit external data to extend the capabilities of your mobile apps
  • Understand how to use LiveCode externals and plugins to leverage their power in your apps

LiveCode is a programming language that helps you create apps for multiple platforms and has emerged as one of the premier development environments and languages for creating mobile applications. Programming tasks and concepts are expertly handled with a recipe schema in this book, making access to the information you want readily available.

This book is chock-full of helpful recipes that quickly solve key tasks when using LiveCode for mobile development. It serves as a significant reference tool for LiveCode mobile developers, beginners, novices, and experts alike. It will help you learn how to create user interfaces, use loops and timers, take control of text, implement social media components to your apps, and more.

  • Clear and concise tactics for cross-platform mobile applications with LiveCode
  • Extend the capabilities of LiveCode with externals
  • Discover advanced LiveCode features and techniques for app creation
Page Count 256
Course Length 7 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781783558827
Date Of Publication 14 Sep 2014


Dr. Edward Lavieri

Dr. Edward Lavieri is a veteran software engineer and developer with a strong academic background. He earned a Doctorate of Computer Science from Colorado Technical University, an MS in Management Information Systems (Bowie State University), an MS in Education (Capella University), and an MS in Operations Management (University of Arkansas). He has been creating and teaching computer science courses since 2002. Edward retired from the U.S. Navy as a Command Master Chief after 25 years of active service. He is the founder and creative director of three19, a software design and development studio. Edward has authored more than a dozen technology books, including several on Java.