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LiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook

Dr Edward Lavieri

90 practical recipes for creating cross-platform mobile applications with the power of LiveCode
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783558827
Paperback256 pages

About This Book

  • Clear and concise tactics for cross-platform mobile applications with LiveCode
  • Extend the capabilities of LiveCode with externals
  • Discover advanced LiveCode features and techniques for app creation

Who This Book Is For

If you are a LiveCode mobile developer looking to improve your existing skills, add efficiencies to your code, or want a better understanding of LiveCode’s capabilities, then LiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook is a must-have for you. The reader should at least have a basic understanding of LiveCode and mobile application development.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: LiveCode Mobile Basics
Setting up your mobile environment for iOS development
Setting up your mobile environment for Android development
Defining icons and images for iOS development
Defining icons and images for Android development
Configuring standalone application settings for iOS applications
Configuring standalone application settings for Android applications
Using the simulator
Saving a standalone mobile app
Chapter 2: Human-computer Interfaces
Creating a new main stack
Displaying web pages in your app
Masking user passwords
Including glow effects on buttons
Including state graphics on buttons
Getting an object's properties
Setting custom properties
Aligning interface objects
Dynamically displaying interface objects
Getting the user input
Recording user actions
Restricting the user input
Using mobile keyboards
Using a date picker
Using a time picker
Using effects between cards
Using buttons for navigation
Chapter 3: Loops and Timers
Implementing a countdown timer
Implementing a count-up timer
Pausing a timer
Resuming a timer
Using a loop to count
Using a loop to iterate through a list
Chapter 4: Managing Text
Reading the user input
Searching text
Replacing text
Combining text
Encrypting text
Writing text
Reading text
Sorting text
Formatting text
Appending text
Translating text into Pig Latin
Chapter 5: Communications
Initiating a phone call
Sending an e-mail
Formatting an e-mail
Chapter 6: Data Structures
Using arrays
Using multidimensional arrays
Saving external data
Loading external data
Reading XML
Writing XML
Using SQLite
Using MySQL
Chapter 7: External Media
Loading an image
Capturing an image from a mobile device's camera
Resizing an image
Playing a movie
Controlling the movie playback
Playing an audio file
Chapter 8: Using MobGUI
Setting up MobGUI
Using a navigational bar
Using a button
Using a navigational button
Using a slider
Using a toggle button
Using a list button
Using a progress bar
Chapter 9: Using Animation Engine
Setting up Animation Engine
Moving objects along a line
Moving objects along a polygonal path
Moving objects along an elliptical path
Moving objects along a circular path
Stopping a moving object
Calculating the distance between two points
Using speed
Using collision listeners
Simulating gravity
Chapter 10: Miscellaneous
Adding numbers
Subtracting numbers
Multiplying numbers
Dividing numbers
Using advanced math
Randomizing numbers
Opening a web page
Querying web data
Using the geometry manager
Using invisible objects
Taking snapshots of a card
Taking snapshots of an area on a card
Detecting the operating system

What You Will Learn

  • Build human-computer interfaces that result in immersive app experiences
  • Set up and configure your development environment for iOS and Android OS
  • Use loops and timers to make your mobile apps more robust
  • Manipulate and manage text to supercharge your apps
  • Integrate social media into your mobile applications
  • Read, write, and edit external data to extend the capabilities of your mobile apps
  • Understand how to use LiveCode externals and plugins to leverage their power in your apps

In Detail

LiveCode is a programming language that helps you create apps for multiple platforms and has emerged as one of the premier development environments and languages for creating mobile applications. Programming tasks and concepts are expertly handled with a recipe schema in this book, making access to the information you want readily available.

This book is chock-full of helpful recipes that quickly solve key tasks when using LiveCode for mobile development. It serves as a significant reference tool for LiveCode mobile developers, beginners, novices, and experts alike. It will help you learn how to create user interfaces, use loops and timers, take control of text, implement social media components to your apps, and more.


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