Learning Spring Boot

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  • Use Spring Boot's CLI tool to build rapid Groovy-based apps without even touching a build tool
  • Craft a Spring JMS app with ActiveMQ
  • Work with multiple database configurations using Spring Data JPA in development and production as well as Spring Data MongoDB
  • Find out exactly what beans Spring Boot is creating for you, and why it decided to do so
  • Secure your app at the URL and method levels
  • Use Spring Data REST to export your Spring Data repositories to support independent clients
  • Configure the embedded Tomcat servlet engine to use SSL and see how it automatically uses HSTS

This practical, accessible guide helps you get up and running fast with Spring Boot. This book starts by crafting a Spring MVC application using the Spring stack on top of Apache Tomcat, with little configuration on from your end. You will also learn how to write both JUnit and Spock test cases. Then, you'll pull back the curtain and see how Spring Boot works by using Spring Messaging (JMS and AMQP) as well as creating custom metrics, custom information, and custom CLI commands aimed at production environments. In the last two chapters, you'll see how Spring Boot supports everyday situations we all deal with. You will learn how to create multiple configurations inside your app that can interact with different data stores.

By the end of the book, you'll have a good understanding of how Spring Boot works, how it manages low-level infrastructure, and how to start out production-grade apps with built-in support tools as well as custom ones.

  • Create Spring-powered, production-grade applications and services with minimal fuss
  • Support multiple environments with one artifact, and add production-grade support with features like custom metrics to track the number of messages published and consumed
  • Each chapter introduces a different area that Spring Boot tackles and explains how to tweak your apps through different properties
Page Count 252
Course Length 7 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781784393021
Date Of Publication 27 Nov 2014


Greg L. Turnquist

Greg L. Turnquist has been a software professional since 1997. In 2002, he joined the senior software team that worked on Harris' $3.5 billion FAA telco program, architecting mission-critical enterprise apps while managing a software team. He provided after-hours support to a nation-wide system and is no stranger to midnight failures and software triages. In 2010, he joined the SpringSource division of VMware, which was spun off into Pivotal in 2013.

As a test-bitten script junky, Java geek, and JavaScript Padawan, he is a member of the Spring Data team and the lead for Spring Session MongoDB. He has made key contributions to Spring Boot, Spring HATEOAS, and Spring Data REST while also serving as editor-at-large for Spring's Getting Started Guides.

Greg wrote technical best sellers Python Testing Cookbook and Learning Spring Boot, First Edition, for Packt Publishing. When he isn't slinging code, Greg enters the world of magic and cross swords, having written the speculative fiction action and adventure novel, Darklight.

He completed his Master's degree in computer engineering at Auburn University and lives in the United States with his family.