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Learning Firefox OS Application Development

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  • Install, use, and access the Firefox OS simulator with the help of WebIDE
  • Get to know about application manifest files and the essential difference between web applications and Firefox OS applications
  • Create an application that measures the tapping speed of the user
  • Create an application that allows a user to check in at a place with geolocation tagging
  • Access device-specific features with WebAPIs and implement these by building a photo editing and sharing application
  • Submit your own applications to the Firefox Marketplace and share them with others
  • Professionally maintain the code of your application with the help of Github and deploy your hosted applications to OpenShift

With broad compatibility, the latest in web technologies, and powerful development tools, Firefox is a great choice for both web developers and end users. Firefox OS’s promotion of HTML5 as a first class citizen opens up the walled gardens of mobile application development for web developers. It is because of this initiative that no special SDKs are required to develop for Firefox OS.

This book will help you excel in the art of developing applications for Firefox OS. It sequentially covers knowledge building, skills acquisition, and practical applications.

Starting with an introduction to Firefox OS, usage of WebIDE, and then the application structure, this book introduces applications of increasing complexity with each chapter. An application that measures your tapping speed, a geolocation tagging application, and a photo editing and sharing application are the three applications that will be built from scratch. You will learn about topics such as the difference between various types of Firefox OS applications, application manifest files, offline apps, and designing principles for applications. You will also learn to test and submit the applications to the marketplace and finally maintain the repository of the Firefox OS application.

By the end, you will be able to develop beautifully designed, fully-fledged, and rigorously tested Firefox OS applications and also share them at the Firefox OS Marketplace.

  • Create beautiful and interactive Firefox OS applications by applying your knowledge of web development
  • Cater your applications to a huge number of users by porting them to the Firefox OS
  • A step-by-step learning workflow with real-life applications to demonstrate the concepts
Page Count 166
Course Length 4 hours 58 minutes
Date Of Publication 8 Oct 2015


Tanay Pant

Tanay Pant is a developer, white hat, and writer who has a passion for web development. He contributes code to Mozilla Webmaker and is the chief architect of Stock Wolf (www.stockwolf.net), a global virtual stock trading platform that aims to impart practical education about stocks and markets. He is also a representative of Mozilla, and you can find his name listed under the credits (https://www.mozilla.org/credits/) of the Firefox web browser. You can also find articles written by him on web development at SitePoint and TutsPlus. Tanay acts as a security consultant and enjoys helping corporations fix vulnerabilities in their products.