Git Best Practices Guide

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  • Create a Git repository and learn how to push your code to the repository
  • Discover the easiest Git commands to use and manage your repository
  • Learn how to find and resolve conflicts and mistakes
  • Explore Git with your team members using commands such as clone, pull, and branch
  • Set up Git for Continuous Integration to improve workflow
  • Understand tag commits for mapping the application version
  • An introduction to repository management and other Git tools

Git is a powerful versioning system. It is fast and logical, and helps developers to work with a team efficiently. The command set and learning curve of Git are pretty similar to and even better than any other SCM, and therefore it is comparatively easier to learn.

Starting with the basic Git commands, this book will take you on a journey to explore all the features of Git and provide you with a way to integrate Git in a team to set up Agile methods and Continuous Integration.

The book covers how to create and manage a repository on Git before moving on to explain the best practices to work with other developers as a team. It provides descriptions of Git's features, such as applying patch, using submodules, migrating from SVN, hooks, and cherry pick.

This book is invaluable to anyone who wants a thorough reference guide to go back to every time they have questions about any feature of Git.

  • Work with a versioning tool for continuous integration using Git
  • Learn how to make the best use of Git's features
  • Comprehensible guidelines with useful tricks and tips for effectively using Git for collaborative and Agile development
Page Count 102
Course Length 3 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781783553730
Date Of Publication 20 Nov 2014


Eric Pidoux

Eric Pidoux has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Miage Aix-Marseille and is currently working as a lead web developer at, Lausanne, Switzerland. He started learning PHP 10 years ago and is now a Symfony2 ninja who likes coding as well as drinking beer.

He has worked as a technical reviewer on GitLab Repository Management and Extending Symfony2 Web Application Framework, both by Packt Publishing.