GeoServer Cookbook

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  • Tweak vector data to optimize performance and customize the way your data is exposed on the standard WMS and WFS protocols
  • Serve raster data with CWS and learn how to tune raster data and add support for several raster formats
  • Style your features with the CSS module using light and fast syntax as you do with HTML styling
  • Use complex features in GeoServer and serve them with WFS
  • Learn the tips and tricks to configure options for database access, coordinate reference systems, and GeoWebCache
  • Discover how to use additional dimensions (time and elevation) with your maps

GeoServer is one of the founding blocks of the OS-Geo software stack. It helps connect existing information not only to virtual globes, such as Google Earth, but also to web-based maps such as OpenLayers, Google Maps, and Bing Maps.

You will start off by learning about the various concepts of vector data used in GeoServer to build maps. You will then learn how to build beautiful maps by using advanced styling methods such as CSS. Finally, you will learn how to monitor and tune the GeoServer environment. With this comprehensive guide, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of GeoServer features that will allow you to integrate it into your enterprise systems for data processing and publication quickly and efficiently.

  • Optimize your vector and raster data with GeoServer’s advanced configuration
  • Explore the latest GeoServer modules that make managing styles and monitoring and configuring your server a lot easier
  • A pragmatic guide to find your way through the world of GeoServer
Page Count 280
Course Length 8 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781783289615
Date Of Publication 27 Nov 2014


Stefano Iacovella

Stefano Iacovella is a long-time GIS developer and consultant living in Rome, Italy. He also works as a GIS courses instructor, and he has a PhD. in Geology. Being a very curious person, he developed a deep knowledge of IT technologies, mainly focused on GIS software and related standards. Starting his career as an ESRI employee, he was exposed to and became confident with proprietary GIS software, mainly the ESRI suite of products. In the last 14 years, he has become more and more involved with Open Source software, also integrating it with proprietary software. He loves the Open Source approach and really trusts in the collaboration and sharing of knowledge. He strongly believes in the Open Source idea and constantly manages to spread it out, not limiting it to the GIS sector. He has been using GeoServer since release 1.5 by configuring, deploying, and hacking it on several projects. Other GFOSS projects he uses and likes are GDAL/OGR, PostGIS, QGIS, and OpenLayers. He is the author of the GeoServer Cookbook, which consists of a set of recipes to use GeoServer at an advanced level, by Packt, and he has also authored the first edition of this book. When not playing with maps and geometric shapes, he loves reading about science, mainly Physics and Maths, riding his bike, and having fun with his wife and two daughters, Alice and Luisa.