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Flash iOS Apps Cookbook

Christopher Caleb

100 practical recipes for developing iOS apps with Flash Professional and Adobe AIR with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849691383
Paperback420 pages

About This Book

  • Build your own apps, port existing projects, and learn the best practices for targeting iOS devices using Flash.
  • How to compile a native iOS app directly from Flash and deploy it to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Full of practical recipes and step-by-step instructions for developing iOS apps with Flash Professional.

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Appendix A

Appendix B

Who This Book Is For

Flash developers or enthusiasts looking to build iOS apps using their existing Flash and ActionScript 3.0 skills.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with iOS App Development
Joining the iOS Developer Program
Accessing the iOS Provisioning Portal
Generating a Certificate Signing Request using Windows
Generating a Certificate Signing Request using Mac OS X
Obtaining your development certificate
Creating a P12 certificate using Windows
Creating a P12 certificate using Mac OS X
Registering a device
Creating an App ID
Creating a development provisioning profile
Installing a provisioning profile on your device
Chapter 2: Building iOS Apps Using Flash
Installing the AIR SDK
Creating an AIR for iOS document
Adding content to the stage
AIR for iOS general settings
AIR for iOS deployment settings
Compiling from Flash Professional
Installing your app with iTunes
Chapter 3: Writing your First App
Creating a basic document class
Preventing screen idle
Handling multitasking
Exiting gracefully from an app
Linking classes to movie-clip symbols
Using an update loop
Including an application launch image
Including icons
Editing the application descriptor file
Remote debugging
Chapter 4: Porting Flash Projects to iOS
Handling user interaction
Saving application state
Flattening the display list
Converting vectors to bitmaps
Resizing bitmaps
Masking content
Working with external SWFs
Chapter 5: Multi-touch and Gesture Support
Setting the touch point input mode
Detecting multiple touch points
Dragging multiple display objects
Tracking movement
Setting the gesture input mode
Handling a swipe gesture
Panning an object
Rotating an object
Zooming an object
Chapter 6: Graphics and Hardware Acceleration
Comparing vector and bitmap graphics
Understanding GPU-Blend mode
Understanding GPU-Vector mode
Using Cache as Bitmap
Using Cache as Bitmap Matrix
Accessing bitmaps with ActionScript
Loading bitmaps at runtime
Working with sprite sheets
Performing bitmap animation with ActionScript
Chapter 7: Working with Text and the Virtual Keyboard
Using device fonts within text fields
Using embedded fonts within text fields
Providing text entry
Capturing text input
Configurable panning with virtual keyboard activation
Updating dynamic text fields
Using native iOS text controls
Chapter 8: Screen Resolution and Orientation Changes
Targeting a device
Targeting the Retina display
Supporting multiple resolutions
Setting the default aspect ratio
Enabling auto-orientation
Listening for orientation changes
Responding to orientation changes
Chapter 9: Geolocation and Accelerometer APIs
Determining your current location
Determining your speed and heading
Checking for geolocation access
Responding to accelerometer changes
Detecting a shake
Chapter 10: Camera and Microphone Support
Saving to the camera roll
Reading from the camera roll
Capturing with the default camera app
Working with the built-in cameras
Recording microphone audio
Playing recorded audio
Chapter 11: Rendering Web Pages
Opening a web page within Safari
Rendering a web page within an app
Navigating the browsing history
Rendering a local web page
Dynamically generating a local web page
Capturing a snapshot of a web page
Chapter 12: Working with Video and Audio
Playing local FLV video
Playing local H.264 video
Controlling video
Embedding audio
Playing embedded audio
Streaming audio
Controlling audio playback
Chapter 13: Connectivity, Persistence, and URI Schemes
Monitoring Internet connectivity
Specifying a persistent Wi-Fi connection
Referencing an app's common directories
Writing files
Reading files
Launching system applications
Launching the App Store
Launching the Maps application
Declaring device capabilities

What You Will Learn

  • Configure and publish native iOS apps from Flash Professional CS5 or CS5.5.
  • Start by quickly building and deploying a simple app to your iOS device.
  • Target mobile screens and implement usability considerations.
  • Best practices for porting existing Flash projects.
  • Access input sensors including the touch-screen, the accelerometer, GPS and the virtual keyboard.
  • Overcome performance and memory constraints.
  • Work with Flash video and audio.
  • Render web pages directly within your app.

In Detail

The latest version of Flash Professional can directly target iOS, allowing Flash developers to write applications that will run natively on Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. What's more, with Apple loosening its restrictions on third-party technologies, apps written in Flash can now be sold and distributed within the App Store.

Flash iOS Apps Cookbook provides the recipes required to build native iOS apps using your existing knowledge of the Flash platform. Whether you want to create something new or simply convert an existing Flash project, the relevant steps and techniques will be covered, helping you achieve your goal.

Learn how to configure and use Flash Professional for iOS development by writing and deploying a simple app to a device. Implement many iOS-specific features such a multi-touch, the virtual keyboard, camera support, screen orientation and the Retina display. Overcome the limitations of mobile development by mastering hardware acceleration and optimization. Whether you’re an enthusiast or professional developer, the Flash iOS Apps Cookbook is your toolkit to creating high-quality content for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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