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Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications

Leslie Vail

If you want a thoroughly practical guide to developing business applications with Microsoft Dynamics GP, this is the book for you. Its hands-on approach will have you developing or customizing in no time.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849680264
Paperback590 pages

About This Book

  • Make your business more efficient with fully customizable applications
  • Develop mission critical applications with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Learn how to enhance your application with sanScript

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics GP developer, consultant, or power user who wants to create and customize applications, then this book is for you. A working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics GP is required. A basic understanding of business management systems and reporting applications, such as Microsoft Excel and SQL Reporting Services, is highly recommended.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Microsoft Dynamics GP Architecture
The native user interface
Dexterity overview
Components of the Dynamics GP application
SQL table and procedure names
What you see – the user interface (UI)
Additional window elements
Chapter 2: Integrating Application Fundamentals
Defining the project
Overview of available tools
Modifying the user interface
Changing or adding functionality
Adding information not previously collected
Chapter 3: Getting Started with Dexterity
Overview of the development process
Preparing the development environment
Overview of Dexterity
Navigating the Resource Explorer
Chapter 4: Building the User Interface
Base resources
Creating tables and keys
Creating forms and windows
Scrolling windows
Working with window fields
Chapter 5: sanScript – Making It Work
Introduction to sanScript
Scrolling windows
Chapter 6: Deploying a Dexterity Solution
System requirements
Minding versions and builds
Table creation routines
Completing the application
Creating the chunk file
Testing in a multi-dictionary environment
Distributing the completed application
Chapter 7: Creating Customizations with Modifier
Overview of Modifier
Modifying windows and window fields
Changing global resources
Chapter 8: Creating Customizationswith VBA
VBA overview
Windows and window fields
Scrolling windows
Fun with dialogs
The Dynamic User Object Store
Deploying a Modifier/VBA customization
Chapter 9: Code-free Customization
Overview of tools
SmartList Builder
Granting security to a SmartList Builder object
Excel Report Builder
Drill Down Builder
Chapter 10: Creating Customizations with VS Tools
Installing VS Tools
Vendor Quick Entry project
Adding window controls
Accessing dictionary resources
Building dictionary assemblies
Opening your window
Table operations
Clearing the window
Working with ranges
Building and deploying the application
Dynamics GP 2013 consideration
Chapter 11: Upgrading Customizations
Using the SDK
Modifier with VBA
Extender and Builder(s)
Visual Studio Tools (VS Tools)

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the ins and outs of Microsoft Dynamics GP Architecture
  • Utilize Dexterity and sanScript to build business applications
  • Learn the correct use and implementation of object triggers
  • Modify your application without code
  • Utilize VBA to extend your business application
  • Discover how to use Visual Studio tools
  • Upgrade Dexterity applications

In Detail

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application with a multitude of features and options. Microsoft Dynamics GP can also be used to develop dynamic, mission critical applications.

In "Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications" you will learn how to create and customize Dynamics GP Applications. This hands-on guide will take you through the initial steps of setting up a development environment through to customizing and developing an example application using tools such as Dexterity, VSTools and sanScript.

"Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications" will take you through the complex steps of creating and customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP applications. Starting with an overview of Microsoft Dynamics GP architecture you’ll then move onto setting up your development environment.

You will learn how to make your application come to life with Dexterity and sanScript. You will create table operations and ranges as well as object triggers to make powerful and practical business applications. You will deploy your Dexterity solution before moving onto customization with Modifier and VBA.

This book will also take you through ways of enhancing and extending your application without code using the SmartList Builder and Excel Report Builder. Using these highly flexible tools you’ll be able to create data connections that will increase the usability and functionality of your ERP applications.


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