Clojure Programming Cookbook

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  • Manipulate, access, filter, and transform your data with Clojure
  • Write efficient parallelized code through Clojure abstractions
  • Tackle Complex Concurrency easily with Reactive Programming
  • Build on Haskell abstractions to write dynamic functional tests
  • Write AWS Lambda functions effortlessly
  • Put Clojure in use into your IoT devices
  • Use Clojure with Slack for instant monitoring
  • Scaling your Clojure application using Docker
  • Develop real-time system interactions using MQTT and websockets

When it comes to learning and using a new language you need an effective guide to be by your side when things get rough. For Clojure developers, these recipes have everything you need to take on everything this language offers.

This book is divided into three high impact sections. The first section gives you an introduction to live programming and best practices. We show you how to interact with your connections by manipulating, transforming, and merging collections. You’ll learn how to work with macros, protocols, multi-methods, and transducers. We’ll also teach you how to work with languages such as Java, and Scala.

The next section deals with intermediate-level content and enhances your Clojure skills, here we’ll teach you concurrency programming with Clojure for high performance. We will provide you with advanced best practices, tips on Clojure programming, and show you how to work with Clojure while developing applications.

In the final section you will learn how to test, deploy and analyze websocket behavior when your app is deployed in the cloud. Finally, we will take you through DevOps. Developing with Clojure has never been easier with these recipes by your side!

  • Discover a wide variety of practical cases and real world techniques to enhance your productivity with Clojure. 
  • Learn to resolve the everyday issues you face with a functional mindset using Clojure
  • You will learn to write highly efficient, more productive, and error-free programs without the risk of deadlocks and race-conditions
Page Count 618
Course Length 18 hours 32 minutes
ISBN 9781785885037
Date Of Publication 27 Oct 2016


Makoto Hashimoto

Makoto Hashimoto is a technical enthusiast in Japan. He has been involved in a lot of projects as an IT architect and led them successfully with his technical leadership. Makoto loves programming, especially with functional programming languages. Thus, he became an enthusiast of Clojure since his first encounter with this language. Recently, he is often involved in projects of the big data domain, and he constantly thinks up new ways to use Clojure for this domain. He loves spending time with his family during weekends and apart from that he loves cooking, classical music, arts and sports. Makoto has also written two books in Japanese. You can find them at and

Nicolas Modrzyk

Nicolas Modrzyk has many years of experience in the field of IT and has spent many years in Asia. He loves making ideas a reality and the fact that this reality brings people from all around the planet together. He's been involved in many IT projects, helping customers reach their goal and in general trying to make IT easier to reach for everyone. Nicolas fell into the Clojure soup 5 years ago; it helped him become more focused, and stop wasting time on the things that are not worth it. Clojure is more than just a fantastic programming language; it is a life full of adventure. Hopefully, this book takes you on the road to that adventure.

Nicolas has also written a book, Oishii Clojure (, in Japanese, with plenty of short Clojure recipes to enjoy the Clojure language and to make you want to try new things.