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Get to grips with the features of Zend Framework 2’s MVC architectureFilter and validate data no matter what the content isHandle and manage file uploadsGather content from other websitesFight spam with services such as AkismetPull content from RSS feedsQuickly build forms such as login, register, and so on.Protect your API layer by using authentication protocols such as OAuthManage database operationsBuild web services using the latest controller types


Zend Framework 2 has a flexible architecture that lets us build modern web applications and web services easily. It also provides an easy-to-use, high quality component library that is designed to be used the way you want. It's easy to get started and produce a powerful and professional looking website with Zend Framework 2 Application Development. Exploring real life applications, we will explore the Zend Framework 2 components, as well as throwing some light on best practices and design concerns faced when building complex MVC applications.Zend Framework 2 Application Development is a hands-on guide to building your application. We will explore the components of this new version of the framework and discover how to use each component, the options available, and how to get the most from each component. Whilst learning everything you need to know, we’ll even create our own social network. We will also learn to engineer an application using an API-centric approach, broadly used today to build applications that work seamlessly on desktops, mobiles and tablets. We will learn how to filter and validate data, interact with databases to retrieve and store data, handle and manipulate file uploads, interact with other websites, deal with spam, and also protect your APIs using OAuth authentication whilst allowing people from all over the world to interact with your application. Zend Framework 2 Application Development is your guide to everything you need to know to build applications of any size for big and small companies alike, whilst using the right components for the job.


Create powerful web applications by leveraging the power of this Model-View-Controller-based frameworkLearn by doing; create a social network from design to deploymentWritten in a framework and the API-centric approach to simplify the process of learning

Page Count 298
Course Length 8 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781782162100
Date Of Publication 24 Oct 2013


Christopher Valles

Christopher Valles is a Software Engineer from Barcelona, Spain, currently based in London, UK. He started developing when he was seven using a Vtech kid laptop that was strangely shipped with a simple version of the BASIC programming language. Since then, he has explored more than 16 different programming languages ranging from Assembler to PHP, Python, and GO. Chris also stepped into the sysadmin role and has been managing systems since he started working in this industry. He has taken care of servers right from simple webservers to infrastructures on the Cloud and internal Mac infrastructures. He is an Apple Certified Support Professional and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator. His desire to learn and experiment has driven him to explore other fields, such as machine learning and robotics. He currently owns close to five robots and has built more than 20 over the past years. If you don't find him on the computer, he is probably spending time in the kitchen cooking delicious recipes. The sectors where Chris has worked ranges from adult content websites and payment processors to social networks and the gaming industry. Presently, he's working as a Software Engineer at Hailo Networks, Ltd.