YUI 2.8: Learning the Library

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  • Explore the YUI Library's utilities, controls, core files, and CSS tools
  • Install the library and get up and running with it
  • Handle DOM manipulation and scripting
  • Get inside Event Handling with YUI
  • Create consistent web pages using YUI CSS tools
  • Use rich user interface controls
  • Communicate with external sources of data
  • Debug, maintain, and update applications

Examples included in the book:

  • Calendar interface
  • Autocomplete
  • Creating panels
  • Dialogs
  • Custom tooltips
  • Forms
  • Split button
  • TreeView Control
  • Browser History Manager with Calendar
  • Simple and custom animations
  • Creating tabs and adding content dynamically
  • Dragging and dropping
  • Implementing sliders
  • DataTable Control
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Creating Menus
  • Creating custom controls with Element
  • Connecting with web services and other sources



The YUI Library is a set of utilities and controls written in JavaScript for building Rich Internet Applications, across all major browsers and independently of any server technology. There's a lot of functionality baked into YUI, but getting to and understanding that functionality is not for the faint of heart. This book gives you a clear picture of YUI through a step-by-step approach, packed with lots of examples.

YUI 2.8: Learning the Library covers all released (non-beta) components of the YUI 2.8 Library in detail with plenty of working examples, looking at the classes that make up each component and the properties and methods that can be used. It includes a series of practical examples to reinforce how each component should/can be used, showing its use to create complex, fully featured, cross-browser, Web 2.0 user interfaces. It has been updated from its first edition with the addition of several chapters covering several new controls and enriched with lots of experience of using them.

You will learn to create a number of powerful JavaScript controls that can be used straightaway in your own applications. Besides giving you a deep understanding of the YUI library, this book will expand your knowledge of object-oriented JavaScript programming, as well as strengthen your understanding of the DOM and CSS. The final chapter describes many of the tools available to assist you the developer in debugging, maintaining, and ensuring the best quality in your code.

In this new edition, all the examples have been updated to use the most recent coding practices and style and new ones added to cover newer components. Since the basic documentation for the library is available online, the focus is on providing insight and experience.

The authors take the reader from beginner to advanced-level YUI usage and understanding.

  • Improve your coding and productivity with the YUI Library
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the YUI tools
  • Learn from detailed examples for common tasks
Page Count 404
Course Length 12 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781849510707
Date Of Publication 14 Jul 2010


Daniel Barreiro

Daniel Barreiro, screen-name Satyam, has been a very active member in the YUI forums, providing support, writing articles in the YUI Blog, and maintaining examples and further articles in his own site. A YUI Contributor, he is one of the few external developers to have a component included in the YUI 2 library.

Dan Wellman

Dan Wellman is an author and frontend engineer living on the South Coast of the UK and working in London. By day he works for Skype and has a blast writing application-grade JavaScript. By night he writes books and tutorials focused mainly on frontend web development. He is also a staff writer for the Tuts+ arm of the Envato network, and occasionally writes for .Net magazine. He's the proud father of four amazing children, and the grateful husband of a wonderful wife.