Yii2 Application Development Solutions - Volume 1 [Video]

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  • Explore the newer version of the Yii2 framework and application development practices
  • Write your applications more efficiently using shortcuts, Yii’s core functionality, and the best practices in Web 2.0
  • Get data from a database, and deal with Active Record, migrations, widgets, and core features
  • Easily update your skills from the previous version of the framework
  • Use Yii with different JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as WebSockets, Angular, Ember, Backbone and React
  • Learn how to keep your application secure according to the general web application security principle "filter input, escape output.
  • Write Restful Web Services using Yii2 and built-in features
  • Correctly install and use official extensions in your projects

Yii is a free, open-source web application development framework written in PHP5 that promotes clean DRY design and encourages rapid development. It works to streamline your application development time and helps to ensure an extremely efficient, extensible, and maintainable end product. Being extremely performance optimized, Yii is a perfect choice for any size project. You have full control over the configuration from head-to-toe (presentation-to-persistence) to conform to your enterprise development guidelines. It comes packaged with tools to help test and debug your application and has clear and comprehensive documentation.

This video course is a collection of Yii2 videos. Each video is represented as a full and independent item, which showcases solutions from real web-applications. So you can easily reproduce them in your environment and learn Yii2 fast and without tears… In this video, you will get started by learning how to install Yii Framework and about application templates, dependency injection container, and model events. You will also learn how to use the external code and how to update your yii-1.x.x based application to yii2. Then, you will see some handy things about the Yii URL router, controllers, and views. The course then proceeds to discuss the three main methods to work with databases in Yii: Active Record, query builder, and direct SQL queries through DAO. Then we will see the working of Forms in Yii and how to keep the application secure. We will look at creating our own controller filters, preventing XSS, CSRF, and SQL injections, and using role-based access control. Later, you will learn to write RESTful Web Services using Yii2. Finally, the course ends by teaching you to install and use official extensions in your project.

This course will show you how to easily get started, configure your environment, and be ready to write web applications efficiently and quickly.

Style and Approach

The sections of this video are independent and offer a practical approach to Yii development. You can start reading from the section you need most, be it Ajax and jQuery, RESTful Web Services, Database, Active Record, or Official Extensions.

  • Exploit the core features of Yii2 efficiently through clear examples, and see how to use tests, create reusable code snippets, core widgets, and more
  • This video helps you to create modern web applications quickly, and make sure they perform well-using examples and business logic from real life
  • Understand the difference between the Yii 1.x.x versions using useful examples and how to migrate to yii2
Course Length 4 hours 08 minutes
ISBN 9781787286184
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2017


Andrey Bogdanov

Andrey Bogdanov is seasoned web-developer from Yekaterinburg, Russia with more than 6 years of industrial development. Since 2010 have been interested in Yii and MVC frameworks. Take a part in projects which had been written Yii such work aggregator for UK company, high-load project, real estating projects and development of private projects for government.

He has worked on various CMS and frameworks using PHP, MySQL which includes Yii, Kohana, Symphony, Joomla, WordPress, CakePHP etc. Also having good hands in integrating third party APIs like Payment gateways (Paypal, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), he is very good in slicing and frontend. So he can provide full information about Yii framework.

He is also well-versed in PHP/MYSQL, Yii 1.x.x, Yii 2.x.x, Ajax, Jquery, MVC frameworks, Python, LAMP, HTML/CSS, mercurial, git, angular.js, adaptive markup

You can also visit his blog http://jehkinen.com

In free time he likes to visit and talk with new people and discus web-developments problems. In this moment I working with professionals http://2amigos.us

Dmitry Eliseev

Dmitry Eliseev has been a web developer since 2008 and specializes in server-side programming on the PHP and PHP frameworks. Since 2012 he has authored his personal blog, http://elisdn.ru, about web development in general and about the Yii Framework in particular. His blog has become a well-known resource in the Russian Yii community. He is an active member of a Russian-language forum: http://yiiframework.ru.

Dmitry is interested in developmental best practices, software architectures, object-oriented programming, and other approaches.

He is an author and a presenter of practical courses about the principles and best practices of object-oriented programming and the use of version control systems. And also he is an author of webinars, the Yii2 Framework, and common developmental subjects. He practices teaching and counseling by development on frameworks and using the principles of software design and improvements in common code quality. This is his first book.