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WordPress and Flash 10x Cookbook

Peter Spannagle, Sarah Soward

Over 50 simple but incredibly effective recipes to take control of dynamic Flash content in Wordpress
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847198822
Paperback268 pages

About This Book


  • Learn how to make your WordPress blog or website stand out with Flash
  • Embed, encode, and distribute your video content in your Wordpress site or blog
  • Build your own .swf files using various plugins
  • Develop your own Flash audio player using audio and podcasting plugins
  • Filled with many useful and efficient recipes with many screenshots and well explained code to ensure that if you open any recipe in the book you will be able to follow it without going through the previous recipes

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Wordpress user interested in creating multimedia-rich websites and blogs using Flash then this book is perfect for you. This book caters for site administrators and web developers, who have experience using Flash aand Wordpress.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Leveraging Flash in WordPress
Developing a strategy to use Flash & WordPress
Embedding Flash .swf files in WordPress
Adding Flash detection with SWFObject 2.x
Adding Flash detection with Flash-generated JavaScript
Chapter 2: WordPress: Configuration and Core Plugins
Inputting content in the Visual Editor
Extending the Visual Editor with plugins
Inputting content via the HTML Editor
Editing theme template files in the Theme Editor
Configuring WP for maximum SEO
Using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin
Using the SEO Title Tags plugin (Version 2.3.3)
Using the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin (Version 3.2.1)
Use Google Analytics in WordPress
Backing up your site
Chapter 3: Image Galleries and Slideshows—Using Plugins and Flash
Importing your photos from Flickr: Simple Flickr plugin (Version 1.1)
Using lightbox effects: WordPress Multibox plugin (Version 1.3.8)
Creating effects in Flash
Using Flash to create watermarks
Image thumbnails, galleries, and watermarking: NextGen gallery plugin (Version 1.3.5)
Building an image gallery in Flash in the timeline
Building an image gallery in Flash with XML
Adding slideshows: Featured Content Gallery plugin (Version 3.2.0)
Building a basic slideshow in Flash in the timeline
Building a slideshow in Flash with XML
Chapter 4: Video Blogging + Flash Video Encoding, Skinning, and Components
FLV Embed (Version 1.2.1)
WebTV plugin (Version 0.6)
Free WP Tube (Version 1.0)
Encoding with the Adobe Media Encoder
Using preset skins
Using Video Component buttons to customize your skin
Chapter 5: Working with Audio—Using Plugins and Flash
WPAudio Player plugin (Version 1.5.2)
µAudio plugin (Version 0.6.2)
PodPress plugin (Version 8.8.1)
Using buttons in the Common Library
Adding sound effects to a button
Adding sound effects to the timeline
Streaming sound and coding a simple On/Off music button
Designing your own stylish MP3 player
Coding your own stylish MP3 player
Chapter 6: Flash Applications
WP-Cumulus (Version 1.22)
Tagnetic Poetry plugin (Version 1.0)
Flexi Quote Rotator plugin (Version 0.1.3)
Creating a custom Quote Rotator using XML
WP sIFR (Version
XML Google Maps plugin (Version 1.12.1)
Integrating Google Maps into your Flash document
Datafeedr Random Ads V2 (Version 2.0)
WP Flash Feed Scroll Reader (Version 1.1.0)
Chapter 7: Flash Themes
Template files and theme structure
Template tags
Customizing Kubrik
Chapter 8: Flash Animations
Creating a shape tween
Creating a classic tween
Creating a motion tween
Using the Motion Editor
Using motion presets
Animating with the Bone tool
Animating inside movie clips
Creating a button

What You Will Learn


  • Embed SWF files with the Kimili plugin
  • Add Flash Detection when you embed a SWF without a plugin
  • Configure WordPress and maximize search engine optimization
  • Use the Flickr plugin and WordPress Multibox plugin for your images
  • Create your own effects, watermarks, image gallery, and slideshow from scratch with Flash
  • Use the NextGen Gallery plugin for image thumbnails, watermarking, and galleries
  • Embed FLV files in WordPress
  • Set up video blogging using WebTV Plugin and the Free WP Tube Theme
  • Encode video files with the Adobe Media Encoder
  • Use the audio plugins WPAudio Player, µAudio, and PodPress
  • Add sound effects to a button and the timeline in Flash
  • Stream sound and create/code your own On/Off music button and an MP3 player
  • Using preset Flash skins
  • Create a Custom Quote Rotator using XML and ActionScript in Flash
  • Use and configure these plugins: WP-Cumulus Plugin, Tagnetic Poetry Plugin, Flexi Quote Rotator Plugin, WP sIFR Plugin, XML Google Maps Plugin, Datafeedr Random Ads Plugin, and WP Flash Feed Scroll Reader Plugin
  • Customize WordPress themes
  • Create animations and buttons in Flash

In Detail

WordPress is much more than just a blogging platform now. This flexible CMS is the power behind millions of URLs, including blue-chip companies, small business, and personal websites. Flash is a world-famous multimedia platform. This book will show you the best of the proven and popular strategies and techniques to deliver rich multimedia content, which will let you sail through the world of Flashy Wordpress with ease.

This book will take you through clear well-formed and comprehensive recipes, through the most essential and useful Flash multimedia tools for Wordpress available today including plugins for images, audio and video, as well as projects you can do yourself in Flash. It helps you to create a Wordpress website full of Flash content. We show the big picture by providing context, best practices and strategies. Detailed instructions are provided for each section.

This book provides you with the shortlist of the most essential Flash tools for creating a dynamic and media-rich website or blog, and shows you how to implement these on your site. The sections on Flash are intended to give you the option to create custom .swf files, giving you an alternative to plugins that already exist. The book will show you how to configure Flash content in your WordPress site/blog for maximum SEO, introduce Flash content to your Wordpress with and without plugins, import image feeds, use lightbox effects, and much more.


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