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  • Tweak WordPress to build an adept, business-friendly online store
  • Install and configure WP e-Commerce and add products to your online catalog
  • Manage and sort your products with groups, categories, tags, and variations making it easier for your customers to find any product
  • Automate the delivery of digital downloads after purchase ensuring the convenience of your customers
  • Create and manage user account roles and permissions for customers and staff
  • Brand your site by customizing WordPress themes
  • Accept payments using a variety of payment processors and automatically apply sales tax and shipping
  • Create your own customizable shipping rates and connect to shippers such as USPS and UPS
  • Secure your online store against attacks and data loss
  • Explore alternative e-Commerce plug-ins for WordPress

WordPress is easily one of the hottest platforms for building blogs and general web sites. With the addition of the WP e-Commerce plug-in, it's also a competent platform for easily creating and running an online store, capable of selling physical items as well as services and digital downloads. WordPress with e-Commerce offers every feature that a seller and a customer may need. You can build an online store that makes it easier for the customers to find and buy products.

WordPress 2.9 e-Commerce focuses on the integration of WordPress with the WordPress e-Commerce plug-in, covering all aspects of building and developing an online store from scratch.

This book provides a simple, step-by-step approach to developing an effective online store. It guides you through your initial planning and first steps, plug-in installation and configuration, building your catalog of products to sell, accepting payments for your orders, and dealing with taxes and shipping. You will also learn how to promote and market your new store, handle customer accounts and staff roles, and deal with essential store security.

As you work through each chapter, your online store will grow in scope and functionality. By the time you finish this book, you will have a complete and working store, ready to release your products to the world.

  • Earn huge profits by transforming WordPress into an intuitive and capable platform for e-Commerce
  • Build and control a vast product catalog to sell physical items and digital downloads
  • Configure and integrate various payment gateways into your store for your customers' convenience
  • Promote and market your store online for increased profits
  • Follow a practical, step-by-step guide packed with screenshots to ensure your store is created and deployed successfully
Page Count 284
Course Length 8 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781847198501
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2010


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