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  • Install websites, application pools, and virtual directories in IIS
  • Add a wizard to your installer and customize it with your own dialogs
  • Set up new user accounts, add security groups, and secure files and folders on installation
  • Prevent deployment to unsupported systems by using launch conditions
  • Update XML files during installation
  • Configure shortcuts to your application
  • Include prerequisites with a bootstrapper
  • Create custom actions using C#
  • Add environment variables to the system

WiX is a dialect of XML used to make installers for Windows. Its declarative style avoids the complexity and limitations of procedural code, providing you with everything you need to package up an entire application into a single MSI file.

This book gives you a good overview of WiX's capabilities to develop your own installer packages with functionalities beyond those available in Windows Installer. In the recipes of this book, you will see ways in which WiX can cut down on your installation time and help you streamline your deployment processes. You will see how to make customized installer UIs, write custom actions, create shortcuts, and also set your application as the default for a file type.

  • Build WiX projects within Visual Studio, as part of a continuous-integration build process and from the command-line
  • Install, configure and populate relational databases up front to complement your application
  • Automate your day-to-day administration tasks such as setting up performance counters and exceptions to the Windows firewall
Page Count 260
Course Length 7 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781784393212
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2015


Nick Ramirez

Nick Ramirez is a software developer living in Columbus, Ohio. As a believer that deployment shouldn't be terrifying, he has become a big fan of technologies such as WiX. His other related interests include build automation, software architecture, and playing Minecraft. Nick lives with his wife and two cats.