Website Development with PyroCMS

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  • Create and build a variety of websites and web-enabled applications
  • Build a front-end theme for PyroCMS
  • Understand how to use Tags in the system
  • Employ the streams module to manage data in PyroCMS
  • Establish system add-ons
  • Develop custom page types in PyroCMS
  • Display stream data in your theme

As web developers face constant pressure to build websites faster and smarter, many are turning to PyroCMS as a great way to use established programming patterns to create a website. PyroCMS is used by businesses and individuals all over the world and can easily be adopted for your next website project.

Through clear descriptions and code examples, we will show you how to quickly create system themes, manage data streams, and to get the most out of PyroCMS. The book also shows you how to create great websites using the simple methods inherent to PyroCMS. You will learn to make use of smart programming patterns and excellent template tools to build system add-ons and themes.

Leading you through all the major aspects of building a website using PyroCMS, you’ll start by learning how to install the system. The book will teach you the basic features of PyroCMS, like how to use the control panel, and will also provide quick tutorials on how to build system add-ons, system themes, custom page types, layouts, and to get the most out of PyroCMS. Finally, you will end by using the built-in Streams module to manage large sets of data for your site.

This is an excellent resource for developers who are looking to easily create & build a variety of websites and web-enabled applications.

  • Learn how to build websites quickly, thus saving time.
  • Effectively use the advanced system features of PyroCMS
  • Acquire in-depth explanations on how to use data and themes in PyroCMS
Page Count 104
Course Length 3 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781783282234
Date Of Publication 14 Oct 2013


Zachary Vineyard

Zachary Vineyard is a web developer that specializes in frontend web design, content management, and application development. He's been building websites with PHP for the last 10 years. He lives in Meridian, Idaho, with his wife and twin girls.