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  • Understand the purpose of Media APIs in the WebRTC media stack
  • Discover more about WebRTC and next generation communication networks
  • Learn how to run simple WebRTC clients with the default peer-to-peer behavior
  • Run WebRTC calls over a WebSocket protocol using a WebSocket signaling server
  • Integrate WebRTC with old networks
  • Learn best practices to build up a dynamic web project with support for WebRTC calls
  • Explore the usefulness of the interconversion of protocols and the transcoding of codecs with WebRTC

WebRTC enables real-time communication across the Web and with the whole telecom world behind a single button on a web page. WebRTC promises to bring new reforms and innovation for IP telephony. WebRTC comes with numerous integration features, such as new standards for VoIP services, call control applications, profile and phonebook management, and much more.

This book covers all aspects of building a standalone WebRTC communication platform, making a WebRTC SIP-based Communicator, and shows you how to overcome challenges. It also describes the integration of Rich Services such as voicemail, conference calls, and file transfers, as well as call control mechanisms such as screening and routing. The book then takes you through building a WebRTC project and its integration in the access, network, and service layers of IMS. The book ends with the creation of a commercial-quality web application capable of setting and receiving calls, messages, and conference calls, and other numerous services.

  • Build a feature-rich WebRTC client application and set up an Intelligent Network
  • Use simple JavaScript APIs to enable web browsers with real-time communication (RTC) capabilities
  • Make a real-time communication architecture through various modules, illustrations, and explanations with example code snippets
Page Count 382
Course Length 11 hours 27 minutes
ISBN 9781783981267
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2014



Altanai, born into an Indian army family, is a bubbly, vivacious, intelligent computer geek. She is an avid blogger and writes on Research and Development of evolving technologies in Telecom (

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Anna University, Chennai. She has worked on many Telecom projects worldwide, specifically in the development and deployment of IMS services. She firmly believes in contributing to the Open Source community and is currently working on building a WebRTC-based JS library with books for more applications.

Her hobbies include photography, martial arts, oil canvas painting, river rafting, horse riding, and trekking, to name a few.

This is her first book, and it contains useful insight into WebRTC for beginners and integrator in this field. The book has definitions and explanations that will cover many interesting concepts in a clear manner.

Altanai can be contacted at