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Web Host Manager Administration Guide

Aric Pedersen

Run your web host with the popular WebHost Manager software
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811503
Paperback296 pages

About This Book

  • Set up your server using WHM's powerful server management features
  • Learn how to manage standard and reseller accounts
  • Keep an eye on your server and learn to spot problems before they become serious
  • Discover numerous tools and add-ons that can help you manage your server and differentiate your hosting from other providers.


Who This Book Is For

An Administrator's Guide to WHM is designed for new server administrators and professionals who are new to working with WHM. Even if you've never had experience working with Linux servers before this book will walk you through every feature available so you'll be comfortable with WHM in no time. The book also provides tips and tricks that you will be using for years to come.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to WHM and Dedicated Server/VPS Hosting
What are WHM and cPanel and How Do They Work Together?
System Requirements for WHM and cPanel
Important Considerations before Shopping for a Server or VPS
Shopping for a VPS or Dedicated Server
General Purchasing Advice
Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Server with cPanel and WHM
Accessing Your Server for the First Time and Determining if You Need to Install cPanel and WHM
How to Install WHM and cPanel
Chapter 3: Additional Server Configuration
Welcome to Root WHM!
cPanel Builds: Choosing the Right One for You
Updating cPanel
Setting Up Server Contact Information
The Contact Manager
Set Your Server's Hostname
Setting the Server's Clock and Date
Setting Up Extra Hard Drives
Choose Your Data Backup Strategy!
Tweak Settings: Additional Configuration
Statistics Software Configuration
Chapter 4: Apache, PHP, Perl, and Databases
Apache: Web's Best Friend
PHP: Hypertext Processor
Perl: The Programming Language that Powers cPanel
MySQL: A Database for the Masses
PostgreSQL: The "Other" Database
Configuring Apache on a cPanel Server
Configuring and Working with Perl
Upgrading and Working with MySQL
Installing and Working with PostgreSQL
Chapter 5: Working with User Accounts
Transferring User Accounts from Other Servers
Working with Packages and Feature Lists
Working with User Accounts
Customizing Accounts
Chapter 6: Working with Reseller Accounts
Who Exactly are Resellers?
Working with Reseller Accounts
Chapter 7: IP Address, SSL/TLS, and DNS Management
IP Address Management
SSL/TLS Management
DNS Management
Chapter 8: Ongoing Server Management
General Server Information
Managing Services
Managing Processes
Managing Mail
Managing Security
Chapter 9: Customizing your Server with Themes and Add-Ons
Working with cPanel Themes
Working with cPanel Theme Languages
Working with WHM Themes
Working with cPanel's Own Autoinstall Scripts Feature
Working with cPanel and WHM Add-On Modules
Chapter 10: Where to Go for Help with WHM
Help(ful) Resources in WHM
Turning to your NOC for Assistance
Finding Help in the Forums
Assistance from cPanel Inc.
Assistance from Other Sources
WHM: The Final Words

What You Will Learn

  • Set up a fast, secure, and effective server with WHM
  • Work with Apache, PHP, Perl and Databases
  • Manage standard and reseller accounts and use third-party programs that assist in this process
  • Keep an eye on what is happening on your server by using tools that WHM provides and some third-party tools
  • Deal with reseller and non-reseller accounts
  • Manage DNS, IP and SSL issues using WHM
  • Manage security on an on-going basis by learning what to look for
  • Learn how to add useful features to WHM and cPanel
  • Discover places you can turn to for help if you need it


In Detail

WebHost Manager is a package used by web hosts to manage their servers and the individual user accounts they hold. It is part of the same package as cPanel, so the host uses WebHost Manager while the client uses cPanel. WebHost Manager is at the core of many web hosts' business. Using web host manager, you can keep track of the accounts on your server, monitor their bandwidth and disk space usage, and much more.

If you are running a web host or web space reseller then the chances are you'll be using WebHost Manager. This book shows you how to get the most from the software, for both you and your customers. It provides solutions to common WHM problems and pitfalls, leading to better customer service provided at lower cost.
You will learn how to set up WHM securely, offer a variety of account styles. You will see how to use WHM to elegantly manage multiple domains, SSL certificates, and various databases and server-side technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, and Apache.

Download Appendix A: The /scripts Directory, Appendix B: Resources and Links, and Appendix C: Glossary from the book, Web Host Manager Administration Guide.


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