Web Development with Angular and PHP [Video]

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  • Create authentication using JSON Web Tokens 
  • Publish and consuming events with WebSockets
  • Strictly typing in TypeScript to assure stability of software you create
  • Authorize powerful applications in Laravel
  • Find your way in the Frontend world with Angular

Did you ever think of creating your own social network? In this course, we're going to create one using Angular and Laravel! We're going to build a simple social network application - “Friends' Circle." Users will be able to register, log-in and create entries in their social feed. Then we'll move to crafting relationships between our users. For example, they will be able to make friends with others. This is useful when it comes to sharing content they publish only within their inner circle. Of course, users will still be able to keep their content public, but now they will have a choice. Finally, we'll to make our application dynamic by adding WebSockets.

We'll start by setting up the environment and creating our first Angular app covering all core concepts of Angular 5 such as Dependency Injection, Data Binding, Components, Events, and the HTTP Module. Next, we'll move on to create a Backend API with Laravel for our application to be consumed by Angular on the front-end. Here we'll learn about setting up Laravel on our servers and installing databases and create real-world features such as CRUD operations, form validations, and authentication, which are an integral part of data-driven applications. We're also going to cover testing our application.

By the end of this course, you'll have gained a solid understanding of Angular 5 and how it interacts with a Laravel 5.x backend.

Style and Approach

This course adopts a practical approach whereby you'll learn about the core concepts of Angular and Laravel by building a real-world web application.

  • Build modern and cross-platform applications with Angular 5 and Laravel 5
  • Create RESTful backend APIs with Laravel and connect them with Angular to create your own powerful web applications.
  • Leverage the power of WebSockets to create a real-time application!
Course Length 3 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781788394321
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2018


Daniel Kmak

Daniel Kmak is an ambitious and passionate JavaScript engineer. He is an active Stack Overflow user with many well-known reputations. His contribution to helping others has not gone unnoticed. Being close to the top 10 contributors in Ember.js tag, Daniel got his job as a consultant for Techolution. He has been teaching remotely for almost a year.

Currently, Daniel leads a team of talented and experienced engineers at WorkHQ, a global startup that creates enterprise resource planning applications. Daniel writes a blog and shares his knowledge on a YouTube channel. You can find his publications on HackerNoon and Medium.

Daniel is focused on the practical side of learning. He started watching video courses and later mastered programming by hard work and experience. That's why he can understand and empathize with online viewers. He imparts the quality content he would expect himself from a video course. His passion is teaching others and sharing knowledge.

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