Web Development with Angular 2 and Bootstrap [Video]

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  • Understand the changes made from Angular 1.x with side-by-side code samples to help demystify the Angular 2 learning curve
  • Get to know the basics of the Bootstrap framework to integrate with Angular projects
  • Get to work with the new router and form features in Angular 2
  • Build your own customized version of Bootstrap for use in your site
  • See the new features of ES6 and get to know how to use them with Angular 2
  • Work with the grid layout systems of Bootstrap to control the layout of your website
  • Use TypeScript to write modern, powerful Angular 2 applications
  • Conjure up an interesting app using Angular 2 web components and BootstrapUI

Angular 2 is a game changer in the field of web development and enables you to efficiently architect large-scale and maintainable software. It has everything from a powerful view engine to an exceptional data binding framework and a design that embraces modern web development. Bootstrap allows users to quickly get started developing professional-looking responsive web applications. With both joining forces, we burst into modern web development with the very best of development and design.

This course demonstrates how to write dynamic, feature-rich Angular 2 applications with Bootstrap's responsive layouts and end-to-end testing techniques. We will set up our development environment with Angular 2 and ES6 with TypeScript. In Angular 2, everything is a component using TypeScript annotations. This course takes a component-centric approach, using them as the main point of discussion to help you learn the core concepts in Angular 2. You'll also get to grips with Bootstrap to create and design web applications that are elegantly styled with a responsive user interface.

If you have been building applications with 1.x versions of Angular, this course will also lay down the migration steps required to port your application to the newer version without disrupting the functionalities. Throughout this course, you will learn about the advanced features of Angular 2 such as components, views, event handlers, directives, dependency injection, services, routing, and data binding using Bootstrap styling. Finally, we'll end the course by implementing all that you've learned using Angular 2 web components and BootstrapUI.

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to start building quick and efficient applications with a stunning interface that takes advantage of all the new features on offer from both Angular 2 and Bootstrap. 

Style and Approach

This hands-on course is packed with helpful coding examples, and with each section you will uncover the new concepts of Angular 2 while building an incredibly polished application using Bootstrap. It’s like a pair programming session with the author!

  • Create a fully-featured web application using the combined power of Angular 2 and Bootstrap
  • Understand the core concepts of Angular with TypeScript such as creating components, dependency injection, services, and much more
  • Learn about the major syntactical and conceptual changes in Angular 2
Course Length 5 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781785889646
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2017


Tarun Sharma

Tarun Sharma has been a passionate developer for the past 6 years. He has been working on many different technologies and for the last 3 years has worked with JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, and different frameworks and libraries such as React and Redux. He is a developer, publisher, and online trainer providing free online training and talks on Redux/React/Angular 2.0 in meetups. He uses Redux in production applications and finds it very useful for state management and React-friendly.

More on his experience can be found here - https://in.linkedin.com/in/tarun-sharma-03790254.