Web Developer's Reference Guide

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  • Explore detailed explanations of all the major HTML elements and attributes, illustrated with examples
  • Take a deep dive into CSS properties and functions and master their usage
  • Find clear, concise descriptions of JavaScript syntax and expressions
  • Recognize various JavaScript design patterns and learn the basics of JavaScript object-orientated programming
  • Implement the latest ECMAScript 6 for client-side scripting in your web applications
  • Discover new ways to develop your website's front end quickly and easily using Bootstrap
  • Write JavaScript extensibly using jQuery-JavaScript's feature-rich library
  • Delve into the key Node.js modules used in JavaScript server-side programming
  • Access AngularJS 's important modules, controllers, directives, and services quickly

This comprehensive reference guide takes you through each topic in web development and highlights the most popular and important elements of each area.

Starting with HTML, you will learn key elements and attributes and how they relate to each other. Next, you will explore CSS pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements, followed by CSS properties and functions. This will introduce you to many powerful and new selectors. You will then move on to JavaScript. This section will not just introduce functions, but will provide you with an entire reference for the language and paradigms. You will discover more about three of the most popular frameworks today—Bootstrap, which builds on CSS, jQuery which builds on JavaScript, and AngularJS, which also builds on JavaScript. Finally, you will take a walk-through Node.js, which is a server-side framework that allows you to write programs in JavaScript.

  • Understand the essential elements of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including how and when to use them
  • Walk through three of the best and most popular web development frameworks – jQuery, Bootstrap, and AngularJS
  • References for any function you will need in your day-to-day web development
Page Count 838
Course Length 25 hours 8 minutes
ISBN 9781783552139
Date Of Publication 27 Mar 2016


Joshua Johanan

Joshua Johanan is the author of two books, Building Scalable Apps with Redis and Node.js and Web Developer’s Reference Guide. Both books deal with some of the details that will be used in this course.

He is currently a web developer with over 7 years of experience writing sites and applications in many different languages. These languages include PHP, Python, JavaScript, and C#. Using many languages also means using many frameworks, including Zend Framework, Django, and .Net MVC.

You can read his blog at http://ejosh.co/de/ where he posts semi-regularly.

Talha Khan

Talha Khan is a passionate web developer, JavaScript enthusiast, software consultant, and coffee freak from Pakistan who is currently residing in UAE. He has more than five years of experience in this field. Despite graduating in mathematics and statistics, his love for web technologies pushed him toward the field of web technologies. He is experienced in developing interactive websites and web applications using PHP, MYSQL, and Dot Net Suite along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript libraries. He has been teaching web development as well and is an active contributor on programming forums such as StackOverflow. Occasionally, he tweets at @alphaprofile.

Talha has worked and consulted on various projects for several major brands and companies. Tossdown.com, a leading restaurants and food search engine of Pakistan, is among one of his major achievements. He is also running his own start-up while educating newbies on technology. He is currently working as a software architect for UAE's biggest swimming academy, Hamilton Aquatics.

Ricardo Zea

Ricardo Zea hails originally from Medellín, Colombia. He is a passionate and seasoned full-stack designer who is now located in Dayton, Ohio, USA. He is always looking for ways to level up his skills and those around him. Constantly wondering how things are made on the Web, how they work, and why, have made Ricardo a very technical designer, allowing him to explain to others the intricacies of design and the technicalities of the Web in ways that are very easy to understand and assimilate.

Ricardo has a master's degree in publicity and advertising and has deep passion for understanding human behavior. He also has a fiercely competitive PC gaming hunger. Together, all this has allowed him to switch from the creative side of the brain to the rational side very easily, allowing him to visualize and create technically sound web and mobile designs that are responsive, perform well, and convey the proper message through design.

Ricardo is the author of Mastering Responsive Web Design, Packt Publishing. He's also the organizer of the CodePen Dayton meetup group. He's a member of the Dayton web developers and UX Dayton meetup groups. He's also one of the first members of SitePoint's Ambassadors program. He's also the author of the monthly web design and development newletter Level Up!. He was also a technical reviewer for Sass and Compass, Designers Cookbook, and Sass Essentials, all by Packt Publishing. For several years, he was also a Flash and CorelDRAW professor at different universities in his home country, Colombia.

Ricardo has 15 years of experience in web design and 20 years of experience in visual and graphic design.