Web 2.0 Solutions with Oracle WebCenter 11g

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  • Explore the relationship between the Oracle WebCenter suite and the application server
  • Install and configure the core building blocks for WebCenter 11g in a Linux environment.
  • Prepare the development environments and the application server in order to support your WebCenter applications
  • Combine various kind of components such as portlets, data access components (tables and list of values), and components that promote participation (discussions, wikis) into a single user interface under the concept of a portal.
  • Create a page template and based on it and develop user interfaces using ADF Faces Rich Client
  • Integrate wiki and blog with WebCenter using an iFrame as well as using the Web Clipping Portlet
  • Develop a custom WebCenter application to connect to the Discussions Server and present a few of the various task flows possible
  • Integrate WebCenter Search Service in your custom WebCenter application with the help of a sample application
  • Learn Oracle Composer components and develop a practical example to customize your content using Oracle Composer
  • Integrate WebCenter Tags Service and WebCenter Links Service to ensure ease of search as well as precise organization
  • Explore all the features of Oracle WebCenter Spaces and define a personal as well as a group environment
  • Integrate your custom WebCenter applications with the WebCenter RSS Service having complete knowledge of requirements for the RSS Service

Oracle WebCenter Suite is the industry's most comprehensive enterprise portal platform designed for business users unified with business applications, Enterprise 2.0 services, and social communities. It incorporates Web 2.0 content, collaboration, and communication services. However, without proper guidance on developing performance-critical enterprise applications, it is easy to make the wrong design and technology decisions.

Packed with screenshots, this book offers you in-depth knowledge of developing custom WebCenter applications for your various enterprise requirements. Integrate various web services to make development simpler and faster. Build fast, reliable, and robust Web 2.0 applications with this hands-on practical tutorial.

The Web is no longer just an environment where information is published. It is a powerful tool for collaboration, socialization, and work. This evolution has come about due to the development of technologies such as AJAX, REST, RSS, and so on.

Oracle WebCenter Suite is a stack of products that helps implement Web 2.0 solutions in organizations. This book enables developers to learn the important concepts. It shows several scenarios where Oracle WebCenter 11g technology can be used to improve the productivity of your organization. Each chapter provides a practical application of the technology. It will guide you through many web-building features such as pages and portlets.

Finally, the book describes complete solutions, such as Oracle WebCenter Spaces, and ready-to-use collaborative environments.

  • Create task-oriented, rich, interactive online work environments with the help of this Oracle WebCenter training tutorial
  • Accelerate the development of Enterprise 2.0 solutions by leveraging the Oracle tools
  • Apply the basic concepts of Enterprise 2.0 for your business solutions by understanding them completely
  • Prepare development environments that suit your enterprise needs using WebCenter applications
  • Define collaborative work environments for the members of your organization
Page Count 276
Course Length 8 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781847195807
Date Of Publication 3 Oct 2010


Ashok Aggarwal

Ashok Aggarwal has been delivering web-based collaboration, document management, content management, and workflow solutions using Oracle's products before they were named Enterprise 2.0.  As Oracle's offerings have matured and the market has grown, so has Ashok's involvement in the Oracle Fusion Middleware technology stack, leading to early adoption of Oracle WebCenter Suite 10g and 11g.

Since 2002, Ashok has delivered robust solutions by leading a highly talented implementation organization, M&S Consulting.  Prior to co-founding M&S, Ashok focused on delivery of enterprise applications and integration solutions at Accenture in a variety of industry verticals.

Ashok has led innovative business transformation initiatives leveraging SOA, BPM, BI, Identity Management, and Enterprise 2.0 technologies as he works to solve today's most challenging business problems.  He is a regular instructor and speaker at private and public events.  Along with white papers and trade journal publications on Fusion Middleware, Ashok is co-authoring an Oracle SOA book and sponsoring technology and process publications for others on his team at M&S Consulting.

Ashok holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a Minor in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University.

Plinio Arbizu

Plinio Arbizu is Peruvian and member of Oracle ACE Director program, which selects professionals in the world who have a strong technical level and commitment to Oracle technology diffusion. He currently serves as a senior consultant in the company, Global Business Solutions and is an official instructor for Oracle University courses such as JEE and Oracle WebCenter. You can follow him on his blog: http://plinioa.blogspot.com/.