TYPO3 4.2 E-Commerce

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  • Build a smartly designed site effortlessly and take your business online with TYPO3
  • Easily upgrade extensions to newer versions and add payment facilities to your site with e-commerce plugins
  • Invite customers by preparing attractive product catalogs
  • Enrich your customers' shopping experience by framing a systematic shopping process
  • Develop good customer relations by maintaining user profiles and purchase history
  • Provide safe payment and product delivery by configuring add-ins
  • Add, edit, and delete records and add flexibility of information handling by using administrative functions
  • Improve your site's ranking and get popular in search engine results by using SEO
  • Implement various designs for your TYPO3 CMS using template configuration
  • Bring magnificent sales, not just traffic to your website, by effective keyword selection
  • Effectively manage and market your site with creative shop content views, discount campaigns, and other activities

The popularity of online shopping has increased drastically over the past few years. TYPO3 is fully equipped to meet all the challenges of modern electronic commerce. TYPO3 can be enlarged afrom a pure content-based online catalog to a fully-grown shop system with a variety of extensions.

It may be easy to plan a website but when it comes to implementing the design and developing a successful e-commerce site, you might come across a lot of difficulties.

This book teaches all the aspects of quickly setting up a feature-packed, easy-to-build e-commerce site—from basic installation and configuration of TYPO3 through adding features step-by-step to an example website. It demonstrates the setting up of an online TYPO3 e-commerce site from scratch and walks you through lucrative tips on attracting customers and maximizing profit.

This book takes you through the creation of an appealing online shop in steps. It starts with the basics of TYPO3 and TYPO3 installation and shows how to use its standard features to begin construction of an online shop. It will help you improve the selling interface and handling of orders with new modules and other customizations. It discusses various template configurations and plugins. You will learn how to build attractive product catalogs, profiles for registered and unregistered users, and online shop SEO. You will also learn to provide effective search facilities for systematic navigation of your site. Further, various modules for payment and delivery will be discussed. Finally, you will learn how to manage and market your site.



  • Run your business like a pro and earn good profits in your online shop by harnessing all the features of TYPO 3
  • Create an eaffaaective search system for productive navigation of your site
  • Incorporate smart payment and delivery modules
  • Packed with expert guidance on all aspects of building a lucrative online shop
Page Count 212
Course Length 6 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781847198525
Date Of Publication 6 May 2010


Edgars Karlsons

Edgars Karlsons has been working for more than seven years in the field of web development. He started as freelancer and over these years has improved his prowess in providing quality service and pursuing new technological solutions. Along with web solutions, Edgars has worked with web graphics and applications programming. Along with IT project management, Edgars Karlsons has gained some teaching experience – he has given seminars on using specific technological products, on transmitting packet data, and working with several application programs. He has also gained experience in practical psychology which is of great use also in field of IT, when a complicated problem has to be solved.

Edgars Karlsons' management skills have improved during his career – from leading small interest groups to managing large international IT projects. One of his most important professional notions is high precision.

In 2006 Edgars Karlsons saw the creative potentiality in TYPO3 CMS. This resulted in establishing a private enterprise that specializes in developing web pages based on TYPO3 CMS. Netberries Ltd. has been successful for several years, it has developed JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)-based applications, custom jQuery scripts, and XHTML/CSS websites. In 2008 the company began working with TYPO3 CMS. Netberries installs TYPO3 websites, creates the design, trains the clients, and provides maintenance. Recently the company has started the development of a TYPO3 extension. There is an in-house team of IT specialists, but outsourcing is also used.

Edgars Karlsons saw writing this book about creating an online shop as a challenge to his skills and knowledge about TYPO3 systems.

Inese Liberte

Inese Liberte is an entrepreneur from Latvia with more than 10 years experience in IT. She has been professionally involved with such areas as information processing, data analysis, visual applications, and process management.

Since her studies at Gymnasium, she has a deep interest in the natural sciences, technologies, IT, and programming. This is reflected in her professional pursuits, too. One of her professional experiences was giving lectures on the topic of using MS Office in the fields of economics and accounting. The teaching experience not only gave her professional insights, but also revealed the different ways in which people perceive, learn, and use IT. This experience was relevant for developing various projects, including IT projects, data analysis, and telecommunication projects.

Creativity, communication skills, and positive thinking are among Inese Liberte's main characteristics. One of her greatest experiences was working with the leading Latvian news portal. She also writes poetry and many of her poems have been published. In 2006 a book "Dream... Life" was published, which is a collection of more than 40 different stories about people's dreams, ideas and their realizations.
Inese's knowledge of IT and creativity have already been for more than 5 years the basis for entrepreneurial activities where she can develop ideas and offer services which are dynamically adjusted to the specific needs of the customers.

Since 2008 Inese Liberte has been the co-owner of the private enterprise Netberries, which specializes in developing web pages based on TYPO3 CMS. The company has managed to finds its specific approach to clients by both ensuring functionality of a web page and adjusting it to a custom design. There is a positive feedback from customers about the technical development of the web pages, the maintenance, consulting, and also customer services.

The author's leading notion in the field of technologies is creativity – meaning that it is possible to attach an edge of individuality even to a rigid technological process. Therefore, it is important to dare to experiment and search for new opportunities.