Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Node.js Development [Video]

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  • Use different tips, tricks, and techniques while developing Node.js applications
  • Look at tools to improve your work within Node.js development
  • Use the latest JavaScript language features to improve your coding style
  • Test your code to verify your development work
  • Learn about process objects to handle Node.js processes better
  • Manage and scale your applications to a higher level
  • Manage your code quality in order to find potential errors early in the development cycle

With this course you will see the wonderful things you can do with Node.js to improve your Node.js application development with proven techniques.
You'll learn to implement some practical and proven techniques to improve particular aspects of Node.js development. Each section provides tips and techniques with clear instructions to carry out different Node.js tasks in a practical manner. The techniques are demonstrated using small practical examples.

In this course, we will help boost your skills with information on performance; you'll enhance your coding style, learn about Node.js processes, and improve code quality. This course has around 6 sections that address particular aspects of Node.js, and focuses on discovering new possibilities with Node.js to enhance your current skill-set.

By the end of this course, you will have learned some exciting tips, best practices, and techniques for your Node.js web development. You will be able to build your own web applications in Node.js much faster and with ease.

The code bundle for this course is available at:

Style and Approach

In this course we provide you with tips and tricks and simple and easy-to-follow examples that will improve your day-to-day life as a Node.js developer.

  • Practical and proven techniques to improve particular aspects of working with Node.js
  • Tips to help you improve the applications you're writing today
  • Coding improvements to help you structure and program your applications in an efficient way
Course Length 2 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781789343434
Date Of Publication 22 Aug 2018


Joris Hermans

Joris Hermans is a Senior Software Developer with more than 10 years' experience in programming for the web. He loves to teach and coach other people about all the great aspects of developing for the web. He has worked for an online directory company creating web applications with more than a million page views a week. You will also find him creating great projects on GitHub. He loves to participate in a lot of discussions regarding the evolution of the web. Following new technology trends is a kind of hobby for him.

With a few video courses already under his belt, Joris Hermans is definitely the kind of teacher you want to go on a new learning adventure with.