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  • Get to grips with the key features of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Learn how to integrate animation, media, and custom themes
  • Understand how you can easily customize and maintain CSS
  • Develop your own mobile-first approach while designing websites
  • Learn how to diagnose and resolve common style and structural problems

You already know you want to learn HTML and CSS, and a smarter way to learn HTML and CSS is to learn by doing. The HTML and CSS Workshop focuses on building up your practical skills so that you can build your own static web pages from scratch, or work with existing themes on modern platforms like WordPress and Shopify. It’s the perfect way to get started with web development. You'll learn from real examples that lead to real results.

Throughout The HTML and CSS Workshop, you'll take an engaging step-by-step approach to beginning HTML and CSS development. You won't have to sit through any unnecessary theory. If you're short on time you can jump into a single exercise each day or spend an entire weekend learning about CSS pre-processors. It's your choice. Learning on your terms, you'll build up and reinforce key skills in a way that feels rewarding.

Every physical print copy of The HTML and CSS Workshop unlocks access to the interactive edition. With videos detailing all exercises and activities, you'll always have a guided solution. You can also benchmark yourself against assessments, track progress, and receive free content updates. You'll even earn a secure credential that you can share and verify online upon completion. It's a premium learning experience that's included with your printed copy. To redeem, follow the instructions located at the start of your HTML CSS book.

Fast-paced and direct, The HTML and CSS Workshop is the ideal companion for a HTML and CSS beginner. You'll build and iterate on your code like a software developer, learning along the way. This process means that you'll find that your new skills stick, embedded as best practice. A solid foundation for the years ahead.

  • An HTML and CSS tutorial with step-by-step exercises and activities
  • Structured to let you progress at your own pace, on your own terms
  • Use your physical print copy to redeem free access to the online interactive edition
Page Count 698
Course Length 20 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781838824532
Date Of Publication 28 Nov 2019


Lewis Coulson

Lewis Coulson is a London based senior front-end engineer with experience gained at a range of leading digital agencies, startups, corporations and consultancies. He is passionate about bridging the creative/technical divide and bringing innovative digital ideas to life using the latest cutting edge technologies.

Brett Jephson

Brett Jephson started his career as a web developer in 2005. Having built web applications and games for everything from start-ups through to global corporations the one consistency has been a passion for web technologies.

Rob Larsen

Rob Larsen is an experienced front-end engineer, team lead, and manager. He is an active writer and speaker on web technology with a special focus on the continuing evolution of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He is a co-author of Professional jQuery, the author of Beginning HTML and CSS, and the author of The Uncertain Web. He's also an active member of the open source community as a maintainer of several popular projects.

Matt Park

Matt Park has been a web developer since 2007, and has worked for various web agencies around the UK and built many iconic brand websites over the years ranging from startups to large corporations. He currently works as a senior front-end developer for The Constant Media, and is involved with working with many high profile brand websites daily. Striving for pixel perfection, Matt aims to deliver high quality websites while maintaining high coding standards.

Marian Zburlea

Marian Zburlea has been into web developing since 1997. His passion is to innovate and design for the future. He is also a proud mentor who helps the masses to jump-start their web developer career.