Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development

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  • Explore the features of Spring Web Flow 2 to develop powerful applications
  • Extend the framework to take it beyond its out-of-the-box feature set
  • Get started with Spring Faces, Spring JavaScript, and Spring Binding and improve the handling of the web flow
  • Test your Spring application and rest assured of its quality before going live
  • Secure your web applications using Spring Security and Spring Web Flow
  • Integrate JavaServer Faces (JSF) with Spring Web Flow to organize and manage the storage of data inside your web application

Many web applications need to take the user through a defined series of steps such as e-commerce checkouts or user registrations. Spring Web Flow works well for rich and flexible user interaction, additionally it helps you to describe the flow of websites in complex processes. Spring Web Flow 2 provides the perfect way to build these kinds of features, keeping them secure, reliable, and easy to maintain.

This book provides a platform on which you can build your own applications and services. It gives detailed information on Spring basics and covers core topics involving testing, security, and so on. We develop a complete, robust web application using the latest version of Spring, where page navigation is done on-the-fly.

This book teaches you how to work with Spring Web Flow. It covers both basic and advanced aspects and provides a detailed reference of the features Spring Web Flow. The book helps readers to extend the framework.

The integration of Spring and Java Server Pages is clearly explained in the book. The book also explains the essential modules of the complete Spring framework stack and teaches how to manage the control flow of a Spring web application.

The Spring Faces module will provide integration between Spring Web Flow and Java Server Faces (JSF). Testing, an important aspect of the software development process is covered towards the end; the question of how to test a Spring Web Flow application is answered.



  • Design, develop, and test your web applications using the Spring Web Flow 2 framework
  • Enhance your web applications with progressive AJAX, Spring security integration, and Spring Faces
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest version of Spring Web Flow
  • Walk through the creation of a bug tracker web application with clear explanations
Page Count 272
Course Length 8 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781847195425
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2009


Markus Stäuble

Markus Stäuble is currently working as CTO at namics (deutschland) gmbh. He has a Master degree in Computer Science. He started programming with Java in the year 1999. After that he has earned much experience in building enterprise java systems, especially web applications. He has a deep knowledge of the java platform and the tools and frameworks around Java.

Sven Lüppken

Sven Lüppken has a degree in computer science, which he passed with distinction. He is currently employed as Java Software Developer at one of the leading broadcasting and production companies in Germany. Sven started programming in C and C++ at the age of 16 and quickly fell in love with the Java programming language during his studies.

When he got the chance to write his diploma thesis about object-relational mapping technologies he accepted at once.

Since then, he has integrated Hibernate and the JPA in many projects, always in conjunction with the Spring framework.