Ruby on Rails Web Mashup Projects

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You will learn what a mashup application and a mashup plug-in are and how you can effectively use mashup technology to do more than just Web 2.0 startups. You will also learn how to use Ruby and Ruby on Rails to combine, mix, and match up nearly 30 mashup APIs from small to really large scale, and from completely free to commercial to:

  • Map a fleet of kiosks in an online map
  • Send marketing messages through e-mail, SMS, and fax
  • Sell and track the sales of books
  • Search for jobs through a Facebook application
  • Show all sorts of information on a geographic location
  • Buy and pay for movie tickets then post the screening information in an online calendar
  • Apply, approve, and pay for employee expense claims

A web mashup is a new type of web application that uses data and services from one or more external sources to build entirely new and different web applications. Web mashups usually mash up data and services that are available on the Internet— freely, commercially, or through other partnership agreements. The external sources that a mashup uses are known as mashup APIs.

This book shows you how to write web mashups using Ruby on Rails— the new web application development framework. The book has seven real-world projects and each project is described in a methodical step-by-step way, showing how you can write a web mashup from the ground up.

APIs covered in the book

This book covers: Google Maps API, Yahoo geocoding services, geocoding services, geocoding services,, Google Spreadsheet, EditGrid, Clickatell, Interfax, Amazon ECS, Sparklines, Facebook, Indeed, DayLife, Technorati, Futef, WebserviceX Currency Convertor, Weatherbug, Google Bases, Geonames, Flickr, Paypal, Google Calendar, Google Account Authentication, Google Data, and Google Spreadsheet Data.

  • Learn about web mashup applications and mashup plug-ins
  • Create practical real-life web mashup projects step by step
  • Access and mash up many different APIs with Ruby and Ruby on Rails
Page Count 272
Course Length 8 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781847193933
Date Of Publication 23 Apr 2008


Chang Sau Sheong

Chang Sau Sheong has more than 12 years experience in software application development and has spent much of his career in web and Internet-based applications. He has a wide range of experience in banking payment-related as well as Internet-based e-commerce software. Currently he is the Director of Software Development of a 50+ strong software development team in Welcome Real-time, a multi-national payment/loyalty software company based in France and Singapore.

Sau Sheong hails from tropical Malaysia but has spent most of his adult and working life in sunny Singapore, where he shares his spare time between enthusiastically writing software and equally enthusiastically playing Nintendo Wii with his wife and son.