REST API Automation testing from scratch-(REST Assured java) [Video]

More Information
  • By end of this course, you will get complete knowledge on REST API Automation testing
  • You will be able to DESIGN and IMPLEMENT structured AUTOMATION FRAMEWORKS with REST Assured API
  • In-depth understanding of REST API Automation using RestAssured with real time examples
  • Thorough knowledge on REST testing tools like POSTMAN, REST CLIENT etc.
  • We have 10 dedicated INSTRUCTORS to help you with queries within 24 HOURS, resume preparation, Interview questions
  • Additional knowledge on generating excellent client reports for API Test execution results

REST Assured API is powerful API released by google (just like Selenium for Web) to Automate REST API's. 70% of the IT industry now heading towards this API for automating Services. Learn Everything You Need to Know about REST API Automation Even If You've never worked before on this domain. Course covers Basics to Advanced Level with Rest Assured, Postman, Java, TestNG, Framework Implementation from Scratch with rich examples like Jira, Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps API examples. Course is prepared on utmost care of picking real-world scenarios what actually industry does in testing the REST API's and they were neatly delivered with every basic concept till framework building level. On course completion you will be mastered in REST API Automation and can implement successfully it in your workplace.

Style and Approach

Even non Programming candidates can follow this course comfortably. All RESTAPI automation Installation setup including Java knowledge is taken care as part of course. Theoretical Material and Code dump are available for download.

  • We start from Beginners level and go through Advanced FRAMEWORK level. This is a single course for everything you need to know related to Rest API Manual testing and Automation.
  • At the end of this course you can pick any REST API over Net and can automate it comfortably with all necessary validations.
Course Length 19 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781789133813
Date Of Publication 25 Jan 2018


Rahul Shetty

Rahul Shetty has worked with various CMM-level organizations and has managed the setting up of QA processes for projects.