Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap 4 and Angular 7 [Video]

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  • Design a fast, efficient, and responsive web application
  • Integrate and use Bootstrap for responsiveness
  • Work with the Angular CLI to create an application
  • Delve into Angular Material for your Angular UI components
  • Test a responsive layout
  • Create a deployable production build of your application

Nowadays a wide variety of devices and resolutions are used to browse the web; you can theoretically lose more than half of your market if your website is not responsive. That's why responsive web design has become very important, if not mandatory, if you want to have a successful and reachable website.

In this course, you'll first learn the basic principles of web design and how to apply them to the website you will be building. On top of that, you will learn how to work with one of the most widely used frameworks—Angular—using the latest version. To make sure our Angular application is responsive, we will be using a very popular library called Bootstrap that will ensure our website looks amazing on every device.

You will end up with a ready-to-deploy responsive web application while exploring two very popular frameworks.

You can find the code for this course at:

Style and Approach

After a brief and to the point introduction to web design and responsive web design, we will immediately set up the environment and start to create an application (your portfolio website).

  • Learn what makes a web application responsive
  • Build a responsive user-friendly web application on any device
  • Work with the latest version of one of the most popular front-end frameworks—Angular
  • Immerse yourself in Bootstrap and understand how it makes your website responsive
Course Length 3 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781789615272
Date Of Publication 24 Apr 2019


Fares Stita

Fares Stita is a senior developer who has been working on a wide variety of applications for over a decade.

He is currently working as an Angular Expert consultant; he started heavily focusing on web technologies 6 years ago, right around the time Angular first appeared. He has had the opportunity and pleasure to work and deploy a production-ready application with every version of Angular.

He has chosen to be a developer simply because he loves it.

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