Responsive Web Design with AngularJS

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  • Develop client-side dynamic routing using AngularJS
  • Create a custom directive and use it for responsive page development
  • Explore the usability of AngularJS routing for responsive web application development
  • Get to grips with the basic functionality of using AngularJS to build a web application
  • Understand two-way data binding implemented in AngularJS using the digest cycle
  • Build AngularJS breakpoint listeners and arrange the page content to implement responsiveness
  • Debug AngularJS single page applications

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework, built to create dynamic web applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. AngularJS has many advanced features that can be used to leverage responsive application development.

Responsive Web Design with AngularJS follows a detailed step-by-step approach to explain each key concept, with sufficient code and examples. This book will teach you how to implement dynamic routing, responsive custom directives, and breakpoints for your web page, followed by a section on debugging and testing.

By the end of the book, you will be able to develop and design exciting single page applications with AngularJS and make the applications responsive on different devices. With ample screenshots and code offering you a detailed insight, this book will ensure your success in developing responsive applications.

  • Get introduced to the key features of AngularJS and understand its role in responsive design
  • Learn various approaches for responsive web application development
  • Discover practical examples to incorporate responsive web design techniques to build a single page application
Page Count 128
Course Length 3 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781784398422
Date Of Publication 17 Dec 2014


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