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Rapid SASS [Video]

More Information
  • Understand frontend CSS workflows with SASS to give your app a modern look
  • Utilize the power of SASS variables and never repeat yourself
  • Write less code with the powerful nesting features
  • Leverage powerful SASS libraries like Bourbon and Neat
  • Extend styles with SASS mixins to build a flexible development environment
  • Implement auto-prefixer for worry-free vendor prefixing
  • Deploy your site with super performant styles 

SASS is the world’s leading CSS preprocessing language. It is completely compatible with standard CSS, yet extends its functionality with enhanced features. SASS has been developed for almost 8 years and continues to grow and improve at a rapid pace. There is no better time to get preprocessing than right now!

This course will simply help you become a better frontend developer, and serve to make your life easier with its powerful features.
Begin with getting your first SASS files up and running within the first 10 minutes. You will then move on to understanding and implementing the SASS concepts that include variables and nesting and make your life easier with simpler code. Finally, gain insight into the Bourbon library for cross-browser compatibility and review the website.
Rapid frontend development with SASS will enhance your CSS workflow so much that you may never go back to standard CSS ever again!

Style and Approach

This video series presents a casual and approachable simulation of the development of a real-world client site. The videos are broken down into short, understandable sections making the learning experience simple.

  • Master responsive design and CSS with SASS to get better looking webpages
  • Write less code using the powerful nesting ability of SASS and develop websites faster
  • Experience the real-world web workflow with the power-packed features of SASS
Course Length 59 minutes
Date Of Publication 31 Dec 2014


Brock Nunn

Brock Nunn is a frontend web developer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Over the past six years Brock has taken part in web projects big and small. Self taught, Brock has a passion for teaching others with a simple and personal approach. Brock married his wife in June of 2009. When he is not neck deep in code, Brock enjoys making great food for his family, including his puppy Sugar.