Rapid Lo-Dash [Video]

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  • Use Lo-Dash in your Node.js or Web projects for a smooth coding experience
  • Stop using loops on to navigate your arrays – start using functions
  • Organize your JavaScript and stop duplicating code with objects, inheritance, and mixins
  • Take control of data types and keep your weakly-typed JavaScript safe
  • Organize your data into collections, and slice-and-dice them using Lo-Dash
  • Employ MapReduce operations in your JavaScript applications to do advanced data crunching
  • Tie your functions to the clock to throttle and delay execution whenever you need to
  • Transform clumsy code into elegant function chains for a maintainable and flexible app



Lo-Dash is a library that lets JavaScript developers do more with less code. It can be used in node.js applications or in web apps and provides an essential utility belt for coding. Its lightweight, high-performance functions can make it easier to add functional programming concepts to nearly any application. However, getting started can be intimidating, so this video course introduces you to functional programming with Lo-Dash so you can start writing code without getting bogged down in theory.

Rapid Lo-Dash is a fast-paced introduction to using functional programming techniques in JavaScript.

You will start by setting up your development environment, and get your feet wet using Lo-Dash to work with arrays. Then you'll use Lo-Dash to work with JavaScript Objects and Types. You will then do some exercises to explore object keys and values, and duplicate objects and values. Then you will learn to create collections, extract data from them, and manipulate them. Once you've seen the building blocks of Lo-Dash, you'll use functional programming techniques to write applications that you'll love to maintain. Finally you’ll learn to use chaining and control the flow of your app.

By the time you've completed Rapid Lo-Dash, you'll have seen how Lo-Dash can help you write fast and maintainable JavaScript applications for node.js or the Web.

Style and Approach

Rapid Lo-Dash is a fast paced introduction to using functional programming techniques in JavaScript. Examples are quick and to the point – you won't get caught up in long exercises – you'll get the grand tour of Lo-Dash, building up to complex concepts including big data crunching and functional programming.


  • Learn how functional programming techniques can be added to your codebase using Lo-Dash
  • Fast-paced lessons introduce you to all the basics of Lo-Dash and more in under an hour
  • Simple scenario-based examples show you how to transform your code to easily maintain it 
Course Length 61 minutes
ISBN 9781784397258
Date Of Publication 24 Nov 2014


Adam England

Adam England (@AdamNEngland) is software developer, start-up executive, and public speaker from Kansas City, Missouri. He actively writes and speaks on JavaScript topics, as well as writing applications in Ruby, Python, Java, and PHP. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Truman University, and has developed software for companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to bootstrapped start-ups. He also helps companies build web and mobile software through his company, Durin Software. When he's not writing web and mobile applications, you'll find him perfecting his pizza dough recipe in the kitchen or learning entry level robotics. You can follow @adamnengland on twitter or check out his blog at http://blog.adamnengland.com.