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Rapid Bootstrap [Video]

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  • Develop websites quickly and easily from scratch by using Bootstrap components
  • Get an attractive website by using Bootstrap elements like thumbnails and carousels
  • Easily add unique web fonts to any site in just a few steps
  • Establish visual hierarchy that gives your website a neat and pleasant look
  • Add the extra appeal to your website using the preprocessors in LESS
  • Manipulate core Bootstrap styles using variables
  • Master web layouts using the modern tools and techniques of Bootstrap

Frontend development can be quite challenging.Developers want their websites to work on any device while being responsive and easy to navigate. Bootstrap packs it all and allows you to harness it intuitively. Developing websites has never been so fast, easy, and rewarding. If you are into frontend development, Bootstrap makes it simple and quick for you.

In this course we will use the Twitter Bootstrap framework and demonstrate how you can rapidly create dynamic blog layouts and develop websites using modern web tools and techniques such as CSS preprocessors, web fonts, JavaScript, and more.

We will start with an introduction to Bootstrap and quickly move on to building the GRID layout. Here we will set up the Typeography and add Navigation to our layout. Once we are done with the basic architecture we will add styles and take advantage of the Bootstrap Media elements to give a unique look to our website. As soon as our website is up and running, we will wrap up with a glimpse into the next steps you can take to move on to the next level with this project.

Once you complete this course you will be able to effectively use Bootstrap and create unique and responsive websites, all in just 45 minutes.

Style and Approach

Our video provides a quick hit of the Twitter Bootstrap framework and offers a simple and approachable look into the workflow of a frontend developer working on a new client site.

  • Build websites which work on any device and have a responsive layout and design
  • Harness the power of CSS preprocessing using LESS
  • Use time saving tips and tricks to build your websites faster
Course Length 35 mins
Date Of Publication 18 Aug 2014


Brock Nunn

Brock Nunn is a frontend web developer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brock works full time as a graphic designer at Rovi Corporation. Over the past six years, Brock has taken part in web projects big and small. Self taught, Brock has a passion for teaching others with a simple and personal approach. Brock married his wife in June of 2009. When he is not neck deep in code, Brock enjoys making great food for his family, including his puppy Sugar.