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Prototyping Essentials with Axure

Ezra Schwartz, Elizabeth Srail

A comprehensive strategy and planning guide for the production of world-class UX artifacts such as annotated wireframes, immersive prototypes, and detailed documentation
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849698320
Paperback522 pages

About This Book

  • Learn in a progressive and structured way to plan and construct highly compelling interactive, responsive prototypes that will impress and excite decision makers, stakeholders, and users
  • Discover how, without any programming knowledge, you can quickly simulate complex interactions for applications such as e-commence and global enterprise systems
  • Acquire effectivetime-saving methods for constructing and annotating wireframes, interactive prototypes, and UX specifications
  • A hands-on guide that walks you through the iterative process of UX prototyping as an individual designer or member of a team, including planning collaboration, wireframe construction, interaction design, annotations, and specifications
  • Comprehensive coverage of Axure 7, the leading UX tool used by tens of thousands of user experience professionals, business analysts, and product managers in global corporations, governments, large institutions, leading interactive agencies, and thousands of small and medium businesses worldwide

Who This Book Is For

If you are a UX practitioner, a business analyst involved UX projects, or a product manager involved in UX projects, this book is for you. Consultants or in-house staff who work for agencies or individual practitioners will also benefit from this book. Familiarity with Axure will help but is not mandatory.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Prototyping Fundamentals
The Times They Are A-Changin'
The Axure Option
UX Prototyping by UX Designers
Project-level Forecasting
Axure Construction Strategy Checklist
Practical Axure
Tips for Using Axure on Large-design Projects
UX and Stakeholders' Perspectives
The Axure Perspective
Chapter 2: Axure Basics – the User Interface
Getting Started
The Design Area
The Page Properties Pane
The Widget Interactions and Notes Pane
Grid and Guides
The Masters Pane
The Widget Manager Pane
The Toolbars and the Menu Bar
The Generated Prototype
Chapter 3: Prototype Construction Basics
Aligning UX with Prototyping Principles
Getting Started with Prototyping in Axure
Task Flow Diagram Pages
Linking Use Cases to Flow Diagrams while Keeping Your Naming Conventions Intact
Generating an HTML Prototype
The Sitemap Diagram
A Device/OS-agnostic UI Framework
Getting Started with Masters and Dynamic Panels
Adding Visual Effects
Adding Sketch Effects
Chapter 4: Creating Basic Interactions
Axure Interactions
Axure Events
Axure Cases
Axure Actions
Things to Keep in Mind
Example 1 – Controlling Styles
Example 2 – Hide and Show
Example 3 – Utility Actions
Chapter 5: Advanced Interactions
Raised Events
Variable Types
Naming Variables
Pros and Cons of Using Variables
Chapter 6: Widget Libraries
When to Use a Widget Library
Library Types
Managing Widget Libraries
Masters or External Widget Libraries?
When to Begin Creating Patterns
Chapter 7: Managing Prototype Change
From a Vision to Reality
Expectations, Paradigms, and Change
Estimating Axure Work
Construction for Change
Chapter 8: UI Specifications
Importance of Collaboration
The UI Specifications
Generating Specifications
Quick Tips to Improve the Layout
Chapter 9: Collaboration
Team Projects (Pro Version Only)
Best Practices for the UX Axure Teamwork
axureShare – Axure's Cloud Solution for Sharing
Feedback from Stakeholders – the Discussion Tab

What You Will Learn

  • Plan and construct compelling interactive prototypes that impress and excite decision-makers, stakeholders, and users
  • Quickly simulate complex interactions for Web and mobile without programming knowledge. If you can program, the sky is the limit
  • Acquire effective time-saving methods to construct annotated wireframes, interactive prototypes, and UX specifi cations
  • Follow the iterative, collaborative process of UX prototyping as an individual designer or member of a team
  • Keep UX on schedule and budget through planning, effort estimation and risk assessment
  • Maximize your investment in Axure 7, the leading UX tool, with this comprehensive coverage of workflow and features

In Detail

Designing the user experience has never been more exciting, while prototyping it has never been more challenging. Whether you are an individual practitioner or a member of a UX team, a consultant, or an in-houseUX resource, this book will teach you how to plan, construct, and document top-quality, device/OS-agnostic artifacts and deliverables such as task and user flows, persona briefs, wireframes, prototypes, and specifi cations with Axure 7, the leading UX industry design tool.

Axure 7 is used worldwide by tens of thousands of UX professionals, business analysts, and product managers in global corporations, governments, large institutions, leading interactive agencies, and consultancies.

Prototyping Essentials with Axure Second Edition is a detailed, practical primer on Axure 7.0 and is a complete rewrite of the previous edition due to the numerous new features in Axure 7.0. Demand for skilled Axure professionals is high and familiarity with Axure is an expected prerequisite skill for UX designers worldwide.


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