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Progressive web apps have taken over the web - fast, responsive, and almost native in terms of user experience, it's not surprising to find that they're now ubiquitous. Learn how to build progressive web apps with Packt's extensive range of web development eBooks, which cover all the technologies and tools needed to develop them. From JavaScript frameworks such as React.js and Vue, to WebAssembly, you'll find a wealth of tutorials inside the Packt library.

Whether you’re an experienced web and app developer or new to the field, use Packt’s content to learn the software development skills needed to build progressive web apps quickly and securely. 

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  1. 1 hour 14 minutes
    Generative Music Box Project Using JavaScript [Video]
    May 2021
    RRP €26.99 Save 63%
    Learn how to build a generative music box app in the browser with JavaScript
  2. 824 pages
    Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications - Second Edition
    May 2020
    RRP €20.99 Save 52%
    Revised and updated second edition of the bestselling hands-on guide to building enterprise-ready web apps using an evergreen Angular platform
  3. 3 hours 34 minutes
    Ionic 4 - Build PWA and Mobile Apps with Angular [Video]
    September 2019
    RRP €33.99 Save 71%
    In this course, we will be creating a real-world news application using as a back-end.
  4. 2 hours 52 minutes
    Isomorphic JavaScript with MEVN Stack [Video]
    September 2018
    RRP €93.99 Save 89%
    Build powerful web applications using MongoDB, Express.JS, Vue.JS and Node.js
  5. 354 pages
    Progressive Web Application Development by Example
    July 2018
    RRP €20.99 Save 52%
    Leverage the full potential of the web to make your web sites better than native applications for every platform.
  6. 8 hours 18 minutes
    Node.js Developing Web Applications [Video]
    June 2018
    RRP €153.99 Save 94%
    Everything you need to know about Node.js
  7. 13 hours 51 minutes
    Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - The Complete Guide [Video]
    April 2018
    RRP €121.99 Save 92%
    Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) that feels like an iOS & Android App, using Device Camera, Push Notifications, and more
  8. 7 hours 3 minutes
    Progressive Web Application Development [Video]
    March 2018
    RRP €104.99 Save 90%
    Learn the skills to build blazingly fast applications which look just like your native mobile app.
  9. 302 pages
    Progressive Web Apps with React
    October 2017
    RRP €34.99 Save 71%
    Enhance the performance of your applications by using React and adding the Progressive web app capability to it
  10. 384 pages
    Service Worker Development Cookbook
    August 2016
    RRP €26.99 Save 63%
    Build highly available and performant native web applications that seamlessly integrate with third-party APIs
  11. 316 pages
    Offline First Web Development
    November 2015
    RRP €32.99 Save 70%
    Design and build robust offline-first apps for exceptional user experience even when an internet connection is absent
  12. 292 pages
    Play Framework Cookbook
    August 2011
    RRP €23.99 Save 58%
    Over 60 incredibly effective recipes to take you under the hood and leverage advanced concepts of the Play framework

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