Programming with CodeIgniter MVC

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  • Install CodeIgniter and get acquainted with CodeIgniter resource directories
  • Making your first web application
  • Definiing your own CodeIgniter libraries
  • Issuing AJAX calls of CodeIgniter controller methods
  • Learning about controllers, helpers, and their usage
  • Understandingthe CodeIgniter naming conventions
  • Accessing CodeIgniter-assigned databases and other resources from your helpers

The CodeIgniter Model-View-Controller framework provides genius simplicity, flexibility, and efficient resource usage, boosting performance and reusability.

"Programming with CodeIgniter MVC" reviews the unique features of CodeIgniter using simple, easy-to-follow, and practical examples.

Programming with CodeIgniter MVC provides a simple step-by-step guide to efficiently utilizingthe CodeIgniter MVC framework for developing web applications. This book is packed with engaging examples to understand the usage of controllers, libraries, and (Codeigniter) CI Models. This book commences with a quick discussion of the CodeIgniter Integration with  external plugins such as Flickr API, Google Maps and more will be reviewed with clear usage examples. It will then cover CI naming convention rules, mandatory and optional configurations, and usage within a CI project. It will also cover user defined configurations.

By the end of this book, you will not only understand user-defined libraries in a CI framework, but also their services, role, usage, and scope with the help of an example-based approach. The book also covers helpers, models, and views, as well as their usage.

Using this book, youwill soonbe able to develop feature-rich web applications using the CodeIgniter MVC framework. "Programming with CodeIgniter MVC" is a one-stop solution to developing solutions with CodeIgniter MVC.

  • Build feature-rich web applications using the CodeIgniter MVC framework
  • Master the concepts of maximum simplicity, separation, flexibility,reusability, and performance efficiency
  • A guick guide to programming using the CodeIgniter MVC framework
Page Count 124
Course Length 3 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781849694704
Date Of Publication 22 Sep 2013
Installing CodeIgniter
Folders overview
Example 1 – hello world
Example 2 – passing the complex parameters to a view
Example 3 – the database query by a model rendering results to a view
Example 4 – interactive contact forms
Scope of the CI controller
The user-defined CI controller
CI controller use cases
Example 1 – default homepage controller
Example 2 – sending e-mails with attachments
Example 3 – admin and regular user log in
The CI libraries' scope and usage
Example 1 – using the built-in libraries
Example 2 – using third-party libraries such as the Google Maps CI library wrapper
Example 3 – building a library such as the Flickr API wrapper
Example 4 – the LinkedIn API wrapper
CI helpers' scope and usage
Example 1 – using built-in helpers
Example 2 – SSL helper
Example 3 – building your own helper
Scope of the CI model
Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
Example 1 – a CRUD example
Example 2 – a business logic example
Example 3 – retrieving data from Facebook
Scope of the CI view
Accessing the libraries/helpers
Example 1 – HTML5 location powered by Google Maps
Example 2 – user feedback powered by AJAX and the jQuery UI


Eli Orr

Eli Orr brings over 30 years of experience in the high tech industry, mainly in software product development. Eli published articles in several magazines such as Wireless Systems Design, Telephony-Online, CommsDesign, EE Times, and for various emerging technologies. Currently, Eli is a PHP Advanced Web Application Developer, focused on CodeIgniter based projects for the last two years for rich functionality heavy-duty web applications. Prior to that, as an entrepreneur, Eli established LogoDial Zappix Ltd., and had the role of CTO and server-side developer. Zappix enables dynamic visualization of call center voice menus, which are currently available in USA and Israel on iOS and Android-enabled smartphones. Prior to that, Eli developed telecom solutions for Unified Communications with AT&T. Prior to that, Eli developed VoIP developer toolkits as a product manager with Radvision Ltd. During that period, he was an active member with the ITU-T Signaling Group 16 for defining VoIP protocol standardization, mainly the H.323. Prior to that, Eli led development teams with IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries) ELTA based C and C++ programming languages. Eli can be contacted through his website,

Yehuda Zadik

Yehuda Zadik has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, where he mainly specialized in software development based object-oriented programming (OOP) technologies. Yehuda has over 8 years of experience developing with PHP OOP and open source Linux environments for developing web-based applications. Yehuda used state-of-the-art technologies for building dynamic web-based applications that were e-commerce enabled as well as social network integrated. Yehuda has a vast knowledge for integrating third-party plugins for network, mobile, and social environments' integration. Among the environments, Yehuda integrated with Facebook API, LinkedIn API, and various others. Yehuda is an enthusiastic CodeIgniter developer who has been developing rich functionality and heavy traffic web-based applications over the last two years. Among Yehuda's clients are several major academic institutes. Yehuda can be contacted through his website,